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PPC Monday – How the Basic Facebook Ad Drives More Traffic to Your Staffing Website

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Last time, we talked about what a Boosted Post on Facebook actually does. With this week’s edition of PPC Monday, let’s examine Facebook’s basic advertisement and how your staffing website traffic will benefit.

Who Wants More Traffic to Their Website from a Targeted Audience?

I think the answer to that question is everyone!

Facebook breaks its ad types into different goals, and the basic Facebook ad has the simple goal of traffic. At the end of the day, that is perfect fo r staffing agencies.

We could start simple and use this ad type to just promote your staffing services. Write ad copy that explains the difference your company provides from the competition, select an engaging photo, copy the link you want people to land on and you’re done!

The approach we have found to be really successful in getting Facebook traffic back to your website is to take your awesome content and promote it to your targeted audience. That content could be a blog post, video, whitepaper, ebook, upcoming webinar, etc.

For example, blog posts that are candidate-facing with really thought-provoking headlines work well – “4 Must-Follow Tips for Your Resume” or “Salary Guide for Accountants in Buffalo.” As we’ve mentioned in previous PPC blog posts, if you post that blog on your page (without any advertising money), there’s a really good chance only five percent of your audience will see it. Now, if you post that blog as an ad on Facebook and target a specific audience, the number of clicks on the content will increase and you’ll see more traffic back to your website. Ultimately, that should lead to more conversions.

How Is This Different from a Boosted Post?

This is a very good question and actually there are some material differences.

A boosted post focuses on engagement. When you set up a boosted post, it takes a post already on your Facebook timeline and just pushes it out to more people. The goal of that ad is to collect more likes and reactions and not necessarily drive traffic back to your website.

With a Facebook ad, the end goal is to get clicks on whatever is being promoted so the target audience goes back to your website. You might think this should be the goal of every ad, but that’s not necessarily the case. Staffing agencies (and all businesses) have different goals in their content marketing plans. Sometimes a boosted post will meet their goals better than a Facebook ad.

Here’s an example. I may create an ad for the “4 Must-Follow Tips for Your Resume” and get 100 clicks (instead of the normal five). I may boost a Facebook post of “MondayMotivation” so it collects 60 likes on the post (instead of the normal five). Each one has a goal – we want to people to click on the Facebook ad about resume tips and drive them back to your staffing website and ready the blog post. WIth the boosted MondayMotivation post, we want to create a feel-good moment for your audience. Each one meets a different goal and has a different purpose. Neither one is wrong, and a strong content marketing strategy will incorporate various techniques to be effective.

What Should I Boost?

If you are taking a piece of content and promoting it as a Facebook ad, I would suggest looking at your library of blog posts, eBooks, whitepapers, videos, etc. and promote the content that gets the most engagement. You don’t want to push the content that receives a low number of clicks. Just throwing money at it won’t make that content more engaging. You want to promote the content where the data shows it’s already working.

Take the handful of blog posts that received the highest number of organic clicks and throw advertising money behind it. Push that engaging content to an audience of 10,000 instead of 1,000 and see what happens. It should result in more clicks for your content.

What Does It Cost?

This can be anything – from $5 to $500. It depends on how many people are in your target audience, the competition in your industry and location and your budget. My suggestion – start small and see what the results are. Facebook will tell you an estimate of how many clicks and impressions to expect for each budget type. Put $20 behind a post for a couple of days. If it works well, continue to increase that budget until you get diminishing returns.

Who Do I Target?

Staffing agencies will see better results targeting people who already have an association with your company. That could be your candidate list, recent website visitors, the people who like your Facebook page, etc. You can target job seekers in a specific industry in your city, but it’s going to be harder to get results because they may not know who your company is.

Regardless of the target audience, this is where really good content comes into play. People will click on content that is really good because they see value in it.

Next Time on PPC Monday

We are going to continue to look at Facebook ad types and look at the Facebook Like campaign and how staffing agencies can really benefit from using this to build their audience.


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