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Is Your Staffing Website and Job Board Truly Mobile?

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In October 2016, mobile Internet traffic finally surpassed desktop traffic for the first time. And, it hasn’t looked back since. As of May 2017, 51.7% of Internet traffic came from mobile devices, desktop was down to 43.59% and tablets accounted for 4.71% of traffic.

Now that’s overall Internet traffic. But how does mobile fare in the staffing and employment industry? Well, it depends on the sector.

At Haley Marketing we track traffic data on about 500 staffing and recruiting websites across the world (with the majority in North America). We have found some interesting things:

  • In the light industrial space, we generally see mobile traffic close to that of general Internet traffic – about 45-50% mobile.
  • On the other end of the spectrum, we see mobile traffic lagging for IT and Technical firms – around 25-30% of total traffic coming from mobile.
  • In healthcare staffing, we see even higher levels of mobile traffic, especially in the travel sector where our clients see 65-75% of traffic coming from mobile devices.
  • In all industries, we have seen double-digit growth in the percentage of mobile traffic year over year.

What does this all mean? 

It means that as an industry we better make sure we provide clients and candidates with a great mobile experience. You better make your site easy to navigate, easy to find good information, simple to connect, and make it easy for candidates to search for, and apply to, jobs from their mobile device. One of the biggest mistakes we see staffing companies make is investing in a mobile-optimized website, but not investing in a mobile-optimized job board.

Here’s how to evaluate your staffing website’s mobile usage:

If you want to provide a great mobile experience, take the time to evaluate how your site is currently being used, then make needed changes. Here’s how:

  1. Log into Google Analytics and examine your website traffic. Adjust your date range in the top right corner to compare year over year traffic.
  2. In the left side navigation, go to: Audience>Mobile>Overview
  3. Look at overall mobile usage percentages and look at changes over time. If you don’t see double-digit usage growth for mobile, it could mean your website isn’t mobile optimized and is failing in mobile search results.
  4. Next, look closely at your mobile traffic bounce rate. A bounce is the percentage of people that visit just one page on your website and then leave. We want to see a mobile bounce rate that is close to, or lower than, your desktop bounce rate. If it’s lower, that tells you that people are navigating to more pages on mobile. If it’s higher, that could indicate that your mobile site isn’t user-friendly and is turning people away.
  5. Evaluate your job board traffic. Look closely at how mobile traffic to your job board is interacting. Examine bounce rates and exit rates on mobile and compare those to desktop. Again, we often find that the least mobile-friendly part of every website is the job board. If you find a high bounce and exit rate on jobs, you’re losing valuable traffic and hurting your business.
  6. Use the great resources available from Haley Marketing!  Start by reading this awesome post on how to improve your mobile staffing website experience.

Want a better mobile staffing website and mobile staffing job board?

Haley Marketing can help! Our staffing websites are optimized for mobile and will provide a great client and candidate experience. Our staffing agency job board is also mobile and search engine optimized to help you reach more candidates and convert more visits into applications. Contact us today to learn more.

Want to learn more about staffing marketing analytics?

Be sure to watch our recent Lunch with Haley webinar that details the most important marketing analytics for staffing and recruiting companies. We outline how to better evaluate mobile traffic, how to improve recruiting effectiveness while driving down costs, and more:


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