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From Full-Time Student to Full-Time Adult

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From Classroom to Conference Room

From the moment I started college, it was drilled into our heads that the “real world” would hit you fast and how important it is to take advantage of learning as much as you can. Being a business student, the best way for us to tackle the transition would be internships, internships, and more internships. It was one thing to sit through Marketing 101 and learn the concepts but it was a totally different thing to walk through the doors of a company and see how those concepts were put into place.

Finding Balance

College was all about finding balance. My life during my junior and senior year consisted of managing my time to study, attend classes, work, intern, go to club meetings, and sleep (if I was lucky). Although I was so busy, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. The path I chose led me to Haley Marketing Group, where I started as an intern on the social media team. I interned here for a school year and was offered a full-time position upon graduation.

What I Learned

Looking back on my short four years, I am so glad I took advantage of the advice of real-world professionals. If I hadn’t been proactive in finding not one, but three internships throughout my time, it’s hard to say where I would be right now. It helps a lot when it comes to the work I do at Haley Marketing Group. I was a Marketing and Human Resources concentration in school, so I have a genuine interest in the company and our clients. It’s a tough world out there for job seekers, so I love being able to relate to everyone we talk to having just gone through it myself.

Looking Forward…

The transition to full-fledged adulthood isn’t an easy one, but very fun. I just moved into my first real apartment, and my favorite thing is how I can come home at the end of the workday and read my Kindle or go for a walk rather than sit down and do homework or study for hours on end. It has definitely given me a lot more time to pursue my passions, and I can’t wait to see where the future takes me. I plan on going back to my school through club or speaking events and sharing my story with young students. Working hard is the only road to success!

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