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Testing What Works for You

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In the past 21 years, Haley Marketing has learned a lot about what works well in marketing for the staffing industry. Our experience has allowed us to work with clients across all industries in staffing and recruiting and learn what is successful across the board, and for specific niches and clients.

How have we learned all of this? Testing.

When you’re considering a marketing strategy, be sure to keep an open mind and be willing to track results and adjust as needed based on the results and goals.

For example, a client focused in a small geographic market is using our social pro service to meet a few specific goals. As we evaluate our successes and areas for improvement, we’ve found that in the past year, social has driven more than 17 percent of website traffic, which is a 144 percent increase over the previous 12 months. During the past 12 months, the biggest drivers of social traffic include:

  • LinkedIn 67 percent
  • Facebook 31 percent
  • Twitter <1 percent

While all three of the above social platforms have driven several users to the website, LinkedIn and Facebook have far outpaced Twitter, letting us know we are best able to reach our target audience on these two platforms.

This knowledge has allowed us to shift our strategy to focus more resources on LinkedIn and Facebook. While we don’t completely ignore Twitter in the adjusted strategy, this shift will allow us to maintain a presence on Twitter while targeting the platforms where we’re seeing the highest conversions back to the website.

Does this mean the new strategy is set in stone? Absolutely not. We’ll track the results of these changes and continue to adjust as needed to test what is the most successful and will yield the highest return on investment possible.

We strongly recommend the same for you. Don’t be afraid to test new strategies and adjust over time to see what works best to meet your goals. Our team is ready to discuss your current business needs and goals and will use our experience to determine what strategies may produce the best ROI for your company. Contact our marketing educators today to learn how we can help!

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