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“Top Notch” Digital Makeover: A Case Study in Shareworthy Service

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I love it when our efforts yield amazing marketing results for our clients. And the measurable results we delivered for Top Notch Personnel (e.g., a 6,000% increase in social web traffic) certainly qualify as “amazing.”

But statistics don’t always tell the whole story of everything we do for our clients – and this shareworthy service case study is a perfect example.

An exercise in frustration

Mark Esfeld came to us as the new owner of Top Notch Personnel, a Wichita, KS light industrial staffing firm. When he took over, the firm was still relying on traditional newspaper recruiting ads. The result? You guessed it: lots of money spent, with little to show for it in the way of qualified candidates.

Mark was frustrated, and rightfully so. He knew he needed to overhaul his company’s marketing program, but he also realized that he didn’t have the internal resources or expertise to do it alone.

Time to take a step back

One of our social media marketing advisors (SMMAs) consulted with Mark to learn more about his staffing business, challenges and overall objectives. After a thorough needs assessment, they jointly determined a short list of marketing goals:

  • increasing awareness of Top Notch Personnel
  • building a solid employment brand
  • attracting employers and qualified job seekers to their website
  • growing their business

The best way to achieve those objectives?

Ditch the newspaper ads!

Our SMMA recommended a comprehensive “digital makeover” for Top Notch Personnel. Specifically, they outlined a comprehensive social media and content marketing program to connect in meaningful ways with great employers and qualified candidates.

Mark trusted our SMMA’s recommendations and greenlighted the overhaul. Here are a few highlights of the program we created (more details are available in this full case study):

  • Social profile revamp: ensured a cohesive look that reinforced their brand across channels.
  • Search engine optimization: examined keyword trends; developed a list of search terms to rank well in organic search; integrated these keyword strings across channels to improve rankings.
  • Blog content: developed a focused content plan; wrote, optimized and published four posts each month.
  • Social Pro services: actively managed Top Notch Personnel’s social media profiles; shared content daily to leverage their blog posts, build awareness and increase engagement.
  • Pay-per-click advertising: executed paid promotion campaigns to get their ads and other content in front of a wider, yet highly targeted, audience.
  • Email marketing: created and distributed monthly e-newsletters for their existing clients and candidates.
  • Reputation management: activated to protect Top Notch’s online reputation, gather positive feedback and minimize the impact of service issues.

The Results?

Here are a few statistics that quantify the value of his program:

  • 6,000% increase in website traffic from social media
  • 99.13%: Increase in overall website traffic
  • 26.12%: Increase in organic search website traffic
  • 62%: Increase in traffic to Apply Here page
  • 23%: Increase in traffic to Contact Us page
  • 29%: Email newsletter open rate (which is more than four times the industry average of 6.6%!)

No newspaper can drive numbers like these.

The statistics are impressive. But, in addition to delivering amazing results in a short time, our team also helped Mark successfully navigate a vulnerable period for his new firm. A consultative approach, coupled with shareworthy service, enabled us to modernize this client’s marketing – and ensure their long-term success.

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