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Going Digital: Social/Content Marketing & Reputation Management Build Awareness and Drive Action

Case Study at a Glance: How the team at Haley Marketing Group helped Top Notch Personnel, a Wichita, KS light industrial staffing firm, build awareness and drive action.

Mark Esfeld
Social Pro + Social Media, Blogging, HaleyMail
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Case Study at a Glance

The Challenge:

Help our client increase brand awareness to support the growth of his newly purchased staffing firm.

The Solution:

Our team created a comprehensive digital marketing solution (social media marketing, blogging, e-newsletter and reputation management) to attract the right employers and job seekers – and get them to take action.

The Results:

After a major digital makeover, web visitors DOUBLED and web traffic from their social profiles increased over 6,000%!

Client Background and Challenge

Still sinking money into newspaper ads?

So was our client, Mark Esfeld. And not surprisingly, he was frustrated with the high cost and poor results those ads yielded. As the new owner of Top Notch Personnel, a Wichita, KS light industrial staffing firm, Mark knew he needed a more cost-effective and (ahem) modern approach to ensure his agency’s success.

How do you connect with light industrial employers and workers – and get them to reach out to you?

Mark had dabbled in Facebook with limited success, and he was wasting money on newspaper ads in an effort to reach his audience. He quickly realized he needed to modernize his marketing approach to achieve his goals, which included:

  • increasing awareness
  • building a solid employment brand
  • attracting employers and job seekers to his website
  • growing his new business

…but he also realized that he didn’t have the internal resources or expertise for such a major undertaking.

The good news? We did!

One of our digital marketing advisors (DMAs) consulted with Mark to learn more about his staffing business, challenges and overall objectives. After a thorough needs assessment, our DMA recommended a comprehensive social media and content marketing program to connect in meaningful ways with great employers and qualified candidates.

Mark trusted our DMA’s recommendations and green-lighted a major digital makeover.

The Solution

Bye bye, newspaper…

From experience, we know staffing companies that strategically use modern marketing tools – blogging, social media, search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising – generate 40 to 50% of their new business through inbound leads. And firms that rely on old-school methods (or worse yet – do nothing at all)? They’re just giving that business away to the competition. We told him to ditch the newspaper and say…

…Hello digital domination!

To help Mark build his employment brand and business as a whole, we designed and executed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Here are a few of the highlights of Top Notch Personnel’s program:

Social profile overhaul. We revamped their Facebook profile and set up accounts on Twitter and LinkedIn, ensuring a cohesive look that reinforced their brand across channels. We also launched a paid “like” campaign on Facebook to build their follower base.

Search engine optimization. Using Google Analytics, our team examined keyword trends and developed a list of search terms to rank well in organic search. We integrated these keyword strings across channels to improve rankings.

Blog content. Our experts developed a focused content plan, and then wrote, optimized and published four posts each month on topics of interest to light industrial employers and job seekers.

Social Pro services. Our DMA actively managed Top Notch Personnel’s social media profiles. She shared content daily to leverage their blog posts, build awareness and increase engagement.

Pay-per-click advertising. We executed paid promotion campaigns to get their ads and other content in front of a wider, yet highly targeted, audience (which was essential, since their initial follower base was small).

Email marketing. To complement their efforts on social media and leverage blog content, we created and distributed monthly e-newsletters for their existing clients and candidates.

Reputation management. We activated this service to protect Top Notch’s online reputation, gather positive feedback through online reviews, and minimize the impact of service issues by providing a private feedback channel.

The Results

Simply put, Mark is thrilled:

“When we started, our Facebook page had less than 100 likes. We just passed 1,000 likes and traffic from social media back to our website is up over 6,000%! In a tough candidate market, traffic to Candidate and Jobs pages is up 110%.”

Here are a few more impressive statistics that quantify the value of his program:

99% Increase in overall website traffic with our digital marketing program (as compared to the same period the prior year)
26% Increase in organic search website traffic, which was driven from blog posts
62% Increase in traffic to Apply Here page
23% Increase in traffic to Contact Us page
26% Email newsletter open rate (which is more than 4 times the industry average of 6.6%!)

No newspaper can drive numbers like these.

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