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3 Different Ad Tactics to Target Your Website Visitors and Candidate Database

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“The ads that follow you around the Internet”

We hear that phrase all the time when talking to current clients or prospects about pay-per-click advertising. Most of the time, people don’t know what the term is remarketing but they definitely know how it works.

First, How Do We Increase That Audience Size

For companies who have never embarked on a remarketing campaign, there are some easy ways to create that initial audience.

There are a number of simple techniques:

  1. Leverage your candidate database. Upload the list of email addresses to Google and Facebook. If that email address matches a user’s Facebook profile or Google account, they enter your eligible audience. Every time you get an application, make sure they are entered into your ATS. Make it part of your weekly routine to upload your most recent email addresses to Facebook and Google. (And don’t worry if they are duplicates, the system will take care of it.)
  2. Drive Traffic to Your Website. Is it through job postings? Is it through social media content? Is it through local advertising on radio or billboards? Are you just networking and asking people to go to your home page? Anything your staffing agency can do to get people to your website will increase your remarketing audience. 

Technique 1: Google Display Network

Google provides two techniques that we can use to target your remarketing list. The first one focuses on the Google Display Network and banner ads.

This technique keeps you top-of-mind and is extremely affordable. This campaign won’t drive conversions but it will drive impressions (tens of thousands of them per month). Why would we want to do that?

Your staffing agency wants to stay top of mind with candidates and clients so you are the first company they think of when they have a hiring needs. They may have visited your website on Nov. 12, but not had a hiring need until Jan. 31, when they saw your ad, clicked on your ad and went to a conversion page on your staffing website. Or maybe they saw your ads so many times that they went directly to your website.

If you aren’t top-of-mind with your past clients and candidates and prospects, they won’t think of you when they have a business need.

But if you are staying top of mind by having your ads appear on Google’s Display Network of two million websites, your ads will give the impression that you are following people around the Internet.

Technique 2: Google AdWords

It’s a common misconception that the audience for Google AdWords can’t have a remarketing list… but it can!

In the staffing industry, the keywords for Google AdWords campaigns are extremely competitive. Think about it – if someone goes to Google and searches “jobs,” you are competing with national companies for that keyword. And by national companies, I’m talking about Indeed, Monster, CareerBuilder, ZipRecruiter, etc. (who have million-dollar budgets).

Just because of budget size, we don’t want to eliminate the search engine marketing tactic because it can be effective. (Remember, we have to search for the terms that your target audience is searching for, not the terms YOU think they are searching for.) If your prospective candidate or client wants to find a job, you want to be there when they go to Google and search “jobs in CITY NAME.”

So what can we do?

We can create Google Text Ads and have them show to your remarketing list. (Remember – website visitors and email addresses). For example, if someone goes to Google and searches for a keyword you are targeting (let’s use jobs),  they are more likely to see your ad because they are in your remarketing list than if you were targeting all people in your geographic market.

You can still compete for those terms people are searching for, you’re just paying a lower amount per click.

Technique 3: Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising continues to provide an incredible return on investment. Remarketing to your audience on Facebook is an awesome way to drive more website traffic and pick up leads.

Take your best performing blog content and show it to your remarketing audience. Do you have infographics? Do you have videos? Do you want to grow the followers on your company page? Do you want to push job postings specifically to this audience so they can apply right on Facebook?

Facebook offers a number of different ad tactics and targeting your remarketing audience is an effective technique.

A Case Study:

One of my clients implements all of these techniques. As a professional staffing agency in the New Jersey and Delaware area, they have seen the value in leveraging their candidate database and recent website visitors. (About 50,000-60,000 audience size)

  • Google Remarketing: This staffing agency started with a basic program and received about 30-000 to 40,000 impressions per month. They doubled that program (because the audience size was there) and saw the impressions increase in a similar fashion. It’s one of the most cost-effective online advertising strategies to promote your staffing agency.
  • Google AdWords: Targeting that same audience, the organization wanted to reach those users when they went to Google and conducted a search about jobs in their geographic region. On a monthly basis, they get about 2,000-2,500 impressions and more than 100 clicks, leading to a click-thru-rate of 4-5 percent (which is really good!)
  • Facebook Advertising: Since more users are going to Facebook and thinking of the job search, we need to target that same remarketing audience. On a monthly basis, they are getting more than 200 clicks, 9000 impressions and 40-50 applications per month.

Since the goal of this staffing agency is to get applications, we are driving all of the ads back to the Job Board.

Keep That Remarketing Audience Engaged

The staffing industry isn’t the only industry where this technique is used. It’s used across e-commerce and any industry… because it works!

These three techniques show how a best practice in the online advertising world works in the staffing industry. With candidate recruitment being an enormous challenge, make it easier on your recruiters by trying these remarketing techniques. Each of them meets a specific goal and all three of them together work even better.

Soon enough, candidates, clients and more will be commenting they saw your ads everywhere.


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