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When you send an email, specifically one to a large group of recipients, there are many possible outcomes. You might get people opening the email, clicking on it, calling you to follow up, or taking other actions. However, one common outcome that causes some confusion is an “email bounce.”

What the heck is an email bounce, anyway?

An email bounce occurs when the email is sent to a correct and valid email address, but does not make it into the inbox. The reason your message might not make it into their inbox includes:

  • the recipient has their out-of-office message on;
  • the receipient’s mailbox is full; or
  • the recipient is unable to receive email from you (have you blacklisted or blocked).

What can you do to ensure your emails don’t bounce?

While some bounces, like the out-of-office, are unavoidable, others can be prevented. To ensure you don’t face a high bounce rate, try:

  • Letting the recipient know their email address was listed on your bounce report, and asking if they’d still like to receive emails from you.
  • Sharing with recipients how to whitelist your email address for future mailings.
  • Sending out the same email to the list of email bounces at a later date.

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