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Smart Marketing Ideas for 2018 – Facebook and Twitter Trends (part 2 of 4)

Social Media Trends
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Is your company using social media to its full potential? In my first post in this series, I explained some of the 2018 Marketing Trends for Staffing Websites. Today, I want to focus on social media trends – specifically for Facebook and Twitter. Take a look at some of the Smart Marketing Trends for Facebook and Twitter for staffing companies to help ensure your social media accounts are bringing in the best traffic!


  • The New News Feed. Facebook just announced a radical overhaul to their news feed. Posts from friends, pictures and video will be emphasized, news and brand content will be minimized. So what does this mean for you?
    • Like and share your own content. No, this isn’t some narcissistic idea. Facebook has said it will promote content that has more social engagement, so when you post a story, picture or video to your company page, get everyone on your timeline to like and share it.
    • Focus on a people-based sharing strategy. If Facebook is going to emphasize content shared by friends and family, so get your sales people and recruiters to become friends with your clients and candidates. By building personal connections, you will build a channel to share your ideas with more people.
    • Think paid. For the past few years, the key to a successful Facebook marketing strategy has been to integrate paid promotion with great content. With the change in the news feed, sponsorship of content is going to be more important than ever.
  • Facebook Jobs. Facebook jumped into the recruitment game in 2017. So far, results have been mixed. Some staffing companies find Facebook jobs to be a great place to source clerical, industrial and healthcare talent. But quality has been mixed and results have been scarce for higher skilled / higher level jobs.In 2018, look for FB Jobs to becoming increasingly important as FB and ZipRecruiter expand their partnership, and as Facebook (hopefully) begins to offer new and better ways for candidates to apply.Like other content on Facebook, Jobs are most effective when combined with a promotion strategy that targets your jobs to your ideal candidates. But watch out…your targeting has to be non-discriminatory!
  • Make Facebook work harder for you:
    • Thumb-stopping content. Pictures, video, live video and now live audio are the most effective ways to get people to engage with your content.
    • Now Hiring Groups. Facebook Groups are great way to build a talent community. Check out this example.
    • Reviews. Be more proactive about asking happy clients and candidates to review you on Facebook. 5 stars = trust!
    • Watch. This is a newer feature of Facebook to promote long-format videos and video series. Consider creating a series on job hunting or talent management best-practices.
    • Live. Broadcast at job fairs, trade shows and other events your clients and candidates would be interested in attending.
    • 360 and VR content. Facebook wants to deliver a more engaging customer experience, and they love 360-degree videos and VR. While it might be a little early for staffing firms to share VR experiences, you could use 360 video to show off an event you’re attending, your company culture or even feature your clients and their work environments.
    • Instant Articles. Another outlet for content sharing.
    • Messenger. Facebook is improving the way Messenger can integrate with websites. While it’s not a true chatbot (yet), look for improvements in 2018 and a way to use Facebook to create more talent engagement on your site.


  • Think conversation not just content. Twitter is no longer as critical to content sharing as it once was, but it can be a powerful tool for building relationships with hard-to-reach clients and candidates. If the people you want to reach are active on Twitter, use the tool to make an introduction (start by liking and retweeting the content of others), then bridge to direct conversations.
  • Think community. Twitter is a great place to build talent communities, user groups, and network with others who share common interests. Rather than just tweeting from your company page, create pages focused on specific target audiences, than share content and start conversations with each audience.

Up Next:  What about Marketing Trends for LinkedIn, Snapchat and Instagram?

My next installment will explain smart marketing trends for social media, focusing on LinkedIn and the use of video and audio.

Don’t have time to wait for the next post to publish?  Download the Idea Club article, “Smart Marketing: Trends to Watch in 2018” now!

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