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Smart Marketing Ideas for 2018 – LinkedIn, Instagram and Snapchat (part 3 of 4)

Smart Marketing Ideas for 2018 - LinkedIn, Instagram and Snapchat
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How can you make sure your company’s social media platforms are using up-to-date marketing trends? In my previous post in this series, I explained some of the 2018 Marketing Trends for Facebook and Twitter. Today, I want to focus on LinkedIn, Instagram and Snapchat – with a specific focus on audio and video formats. Take a look at some of the Smart Marketing Trends for these platforms to help ensure your social media accounts are being used to their full potential!


  • Time to double down…or maybe triple? LinkedIn has always been a great place to build your staffing company’s brand. And a place to connect with clients, prospects, and candidates. But as the volume of content has increased, standing out is tougher. To boost your LinkedIn response:
    • Create more content. Repurpose your top-performing blog posts on LinkedIn Pulse.
    • Get more people involved. Boost content reach exponentially by getting everyone in your company to share status updates.
    • Leverage Groups. Big news! LinkedIn is about to put Group back into the main area of their site, and they’re going to make Groups more functional, which means Groups will become an even more important tool for developing highly targeted communities.
    • Don’t just post, be part of the community. Like, share and comment on content you see people in your network sharing. Use your news feed to build and deepen relationships with prospects and influencers.
  • LinkedIn loves video. No surprise, but video is now big on LinkedIn. If you’re creating videos for your website or Facebook, be sure to share on LinkedIn as well.
  • LinkedIn everywhere. LinkedIn is now integrated with Outlook, Word and other Microsoft products. Take advantage of these integrations to build networks and share content.

Video and Audio

  • Video killed the blogging star? In the 1980s, MTV turned the music world upside down with the introduction of music video. While YouTube has been around since 2005, video is killing—or more accurately, enhancing social marketing. Don’t have a video strategy for 2018? Get one!
  • Five ways to integrate video into your 2018 marketing:
    • Jobs. Have recruiters create a 30-second pitch for hot jobs.
    • Talent. Skill marketing via video? What better way to pitch a candidate!
    • Branding. Show off your expertise with how-to and other educational videos.
    • Conceptual selling. Explainer videos are a great way to sell higher-margin services.
    • Live. Use Facebook Live to broadcast from job fairs or offer real time Q&A.
  • Time to Podcast? Sixty-seven million Americans listen to podcasts each month. Time to launch an insightful show dedicated the niche market you serve?


  • Target your brand. Geofilters allow you to target a specific location with a Snapchat “filter” people can use to enhance the content they share. Have a job fair coming up? Sponsoring an event on a college campus? Design a geofilter that is appealing to the end user and also incorporates your brand.
  • It’s story time. Use a Snapchat story to showcase your office/identity. While Snapchat is a 1-to-1 conversation, your story is visible to everyone that follows you.
    Implement daily “takeovers” where different team members run the story for 24 hours and document their day. Having recruiters show off their personal brands will make new candidates more comfortable with your team BEFORE they step foot in your office.Here are a few specific ways you can use Snapchat Stories:

    • Document a job fair. Check out this case study.
    • Do more employer and personal branding.
    • Showcase top jobs! Add in a link and allow users to “Swipe Up” to apply.
    • Add video to your story discussing a blog post or job-search advice. “Swipe Up to Read the full article!”


  • A picture says a thousand words. So promote your staffing company with pictures on Instagram. Here are a few ways to use Instagram to build your brand:
    • Show off your team members.
      • Provide a glimpse into your corporate culture with pictures.
      • Show candidates who they’ll be working with before they step into your office.
      • Record a video from your parking lot to the front desk so applicants know exactly what to expect when they come in for the first time.
      • Show off team builders, job fairs, community outreach events, your office/waiting room.
  • Build a Story! Just like Snapchat, you can create stories on Instagram. Better yet, your Instagram stories can integrate with your company Facebook page!Here are a few more story ideas:
    • Share top jobs and explain how applicants can apply. Unlike Snapchat, you won’t be able to “Swipe Up to Apply until you have 10,000 followers…for now!
    • Build a story around a job fair documenting before, during and after the event.
    • Turn the camera on and answer common questions from applicants.

Up Next:  What about Marketing Trends for Inbound and Content Marketing?

My next installment will explain smart marketing trends for inbound and content marketing, as well as trends in reputation management.

Don’t have time to wait for the next post to publish?  Download the Idea Club article, “Smart Marketing: Trends to Watch in 2018” now!

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