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What’s the Secret to Becoming Known as an Employer of Choice?

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When the employment market is tight, finding qualified candidates can feel like an uphill battle. But with the right approach, staffing firms can build a reputation as an employer of choice, attracting the caliber of talent needed to accurately fill job orders.

HTSS, Inc., a client of Haley Marketing Group, serves Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley region with round-the-clock service, top-level talent and creative HR solutions for dynamic businesses. HTSS had been relying on traditional “push” marketing strategies like mass media adverting and direct mail to recruit candidates, but in an increasingly tight market, they wanted to find more effective ways to connect to talent.

The Haley Marketing social media team worked closely with HTSS to understand their true challenges and objectives and ultimately designed an integrated campaign to build their social presence, drive targeted traffic to the website, earn more positive reviews and fill more orders.

An Integrated Approach to Social Dominance

The first step in the multitiered strategy was to increase our client’s Facebook audience. Engaging content was posted daily to build followers, positioning the HTSS profile page as a destination for job support resources and to find choice positions in the Lehigh Valley. To supplement organic growth, a paid strategy was also deployed to generate more Likes on the HTSS page.

Once the Facebook audience began to grow, the next step was to drive that audience to the HTSS website and convert visitors to clients or candidates. Our team posted blog articles, open jobs, job fair information, local events and company “personality” posts on social media platforms daily.

Finally, to help HTSS achieve their goal of becoming known as an employer of choice in the Lehigh Valley, our team developed and implemented an email marketing campaign asking recipients to leave honest reviews and feedback on Facebook.

With a targeted strategy in place, our client began to see results quickly.  In just 45 days, the company increased its Facebook likes by 171 percent. They also:

  • Increased website sessions by 198.84 percent
  • Increased website page views by 300.14 percent
  • Increased pages per session by 33.9 percent
  • Increased traffic to available jobs by 5,532 percent
  • Increased traffic to blog articles by 475 percent

This integrated social media and content marketing strategy also increased their reviews on Facebook from 9 to 29 since launching, and their rating went from 3.3 stars to 4.2 stars.  You can learn more about this campaign’s results by viewing the full case study.

[Case Stude] Lehigh Valley Staffing Firm Goes Social to Become an Employer of Choice

Would You Like to Be Known as an Employer of Choice?

Most staffing firms understand the importance of strategic social media and content marketing, but few have the internal resources to develop effective strategies. If you are looking for innovative ways to attract more candidates and clients, and become known as an employer of choice in your region, contact the team at Haley Marketing Group today.

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