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Lehigh Valley Staffing Firm Goes Social to Become an Employer of Choice

How can a staffing firm find qualified candidates in an increasingly competitive market? Find out how Haley Marketing helped HTSS, Inc. use social media and content marketing to stand out and position themselves as an employer of choice.

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Case Study at a Glance

The Challenge:

Help our Lehigh Valley staffing client stand out in an increasingly competitive market to find qualified candidates and fill more open positions.

The Solution:

Create and execute a seamless, integrated social media campaign to: build HTSS, Inc.’s brand; position HTSS, Inc. as the one-stop source for the best jobs in the market; and ultimately attract skilled workers to meet clients’ needs.

The Results:

We helped our client:

  • achieve massive gains in web traffic (up over 5,000% to their Available Jobs page!)
  • build a cohesive social media presence and employer brand
  • increase positive reviews and testimonials
  • fill more job orders and win new clients

Client Background and Challenges

HTSS, Inc. is a local, woman-owned staffing service proudly serving the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania. With round-the-clock service, they supply top-level talent and provide creative HR solutions to employers throughout the Lehigh Valley.

Our client typically relied on traditional “push” marketing tactics (e.g., direct mail, flyers, print and radio advertising) to recruit qualified candidates, but found their effectiveness diminished as market competition increased. They knew they needed a better way to stand out and build their employment brand, so they asked our team for help.

The Solution

After learning more about their challenges and objectives, our social media team designed and executed an integrated campaign to build HTSS, Inc.’s social media presence, drive targeted traffic to their website, garner more positive reviews and fill more job orders in their local market.

Here’s an overview of their social media program and digital marketing campaign:

Acquire Followers

To become an employer of choice in the Lehigh Valley, we started by growing HTSS, Inc.’s audience on Facebook (this was necessary to execute subsequent steps in the campaign). We posted content daily to build their followers, positioning their page as the one-stop location for the best positions in the Lehigh Valley, as well as for resources to support candidates’ job search efforts.

To supplement organic follower acquisition, we developed and launched a targeted, paid Like campaign on Facebook.

Increase Website Traffic

While we wanted to engage users on social media, our primary goal was to drive them to HTSS, Inc.’s website – and ultimately convert them to candidates or clients. We accomplished this by:

  • Posting content (e.g., blog articles, available jobs, job fair announcements, local events, company “personality” posts) on Facebook and other social media platforms daily.
  • Creating branded visuals to capture attention and increase brand recognition in users’ cluttered feeds.

Garner Authentic Facebook Reviews

To achieve HTSS, Inc.’s goal of becoming an employer of choice, we developed and implemented an email marketing campaign asking recipients to leave their honest feedback and testimonials on Facebook.

The Results

Did going social work for HTSS, Inc.?

Absolutely! Here are a few of the measurable results they achieved:

More Job Orders

Social and content marketing helped them win the business of a multinational courier delivery services company. Through integrated tactics, we successfully placed 250 qualified employees in this location.

More Facebook Followers

Facebook Likes on the HTSS, Inc. company page increased by 171%.

More Targeted Website Traffic

Compared to the same time frame one year prior, traffic from Facebook yielded:

  • 198.84% increase in website sessions (1,288 vs 431)
  • 300.14% increase in website pageviews (2,894 vs 724)
  • 33.90% increase in pages/session (2.25 vs 1.68)
  • 5,532.35% increase in traffic to Available Jobs (1,915 vs 34)
  • 475.00% increase in traffic to blog articles (368 vs 64)

More Positive Facebook Reviews

Before this campaign, HTSS, Inc. had 9 reviews on Facebook which equated to a score of 3.3 of 5 stars. Since launching, we generated 29 reviews (38 total) on Facebook and increased the average score to 4.2 of 5 stars.

In our client’s words:

“We have been working with the Haley Marketing team for a couple years now and have seen a major increase in our Social Media platform due to their Blogging and Social Pro programs that we are a part of. Brad Bialy has done an outstanding job working with our team at HTSS to customize programs that will be most effective for us. We have been told by many customers that they found our company because how it came up on Google. This wouldn’t have happened without Haley being involved. The Social Pro program/Blogging program and Reputation Management services have taken our company to the next level. Thanks Haley Team, appreciate your expertise in the area of social media.”

Kari Smith, Sales Representative, HTSS Inc.

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