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10 Ways to Organically Grow Your Email List

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Many times, we face the question: Can’t I just purchase a list of business owners/HR pros in our area who would be good candidates for email marketing?

The answer is: No. A hard no. Like, omg, no, you really cannot do that.

Not only could that list be a total bust, but you could land yourself in $20 million worth of hot water if you’re flagged as spam, considering the fines from CANSPAM and new GDPL guidelines.

So, if you’re not allowed to steal purchase an illegal email list, how can you grow your email marketing list?

Check out these 10 easy ways to build your email list!

  1. Make sure everyone in your current client and candidate databases is signed up for your newsletters.
  2. Set a weekly or monthly goal for yourself and try to meet or exceed that goal each time. Example: Collect 15 new addresses per week.
  3. You don’t need to oversell your email marketing. Simply ask if you can have an email address to stay in touch through your email newsletter. Make it a habit that every time you speak with someone on the phone or in person, ask for their email address for this purpose.
  4. Add a line on your current candidate job application allowing candidates to opt into your emails.
  5. Hold internal contests for most emails gathered in a week or month. Remember to tell your staff these must be actual consent-given emails, and not taken at random from websites or purchased email lists.
  6. Ask clients if anyone else in their organization would like to receive your newsletter.
  7. Attend networking events, career fairs and trade shows. At networking events and trade shows, be sure to ask everyone you meet for their email address. If you have a booth, you can leave a sign-up sheet at your table. At career fairs, be sure to ask all candidates for their email address and add them to the newsletter. Also talk with other vendors/companies at the career fair to get opt-ins for the client version of your newsletter.
  8. Create a “refer a friend” link for your email newsletter and send it to clients or candidates you think may have an interested network.
  9. Entice users through social media. Pitch your newsletter and post a link to the signup page. You’ll get a better response if you use an engaging visual along with this strategy!
  10. Add an “opt in” button to your website pages – all of them. Whether it’s in the footer, side bar, or a homepage flyout, this one-click tool can allow users to opt themselves into your email newsletter immediately!


Want to kick off, or improve on, an email marketing campaign? Need to build your email list? Contact the email and content marketing experts at Haley Marketing Group! We can answer your questions on email marketing compliance, and make sure your emails are effective – and legal!

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