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Is Facebook the Key to Finding Talent in a Tight Market?

Carlton Staffing | Social Media for Staffing Firms
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Staffing companies across the country are struggling to find talent now that national unemployment has been hovering around 4 percent. Nearly everyone who wants a job has one, and most talented people aren’t spending their free time browsing job boards. Getting openings in front of the right people at the right time requires a significant investment in new marketing tactics, especially social media.

When Reputation Isn’t Enough to Attract Candidates

Carlton Staffing was experiencing this exact challenge earlier this year. A leading staffing firm in Houston, Dallas and Fort Worth, Carlton had achieved a solid reputation in their markets, with over 30 years of experience and repeated Best of Staffing nods from Inavero. That reputation, however, was not enough to overcome the struggles that come with a tight employment market.

The Carlton team knew they needed to find better ways to forge new connections with job seekers. They prioritized social media, but lacked the time and bandwidth to develop a consistent and effective strategy that would yield results. They took the initial step of automating social posts from Indeed, but that pregenerated content wasn’t enough to build true connections and it was not generating qualified applicants.

Carlton Staffing turned to Haley Marketing to help them achieve what they were looking for: increased presence on social media, more connections with talented job seekers in the market, and a steady stream of talented candidates.

In a Tight Market, Be Where Talent Hangs Out

After learning of Carlton’s challenges, Haley Marketing recommended Social Pro, a full-service, customized social media strategy and execution program designed to improve social engagement, generate more traffic and increase inbound leads. First, Facebook was identified as the ideal platform for Carlton Staffing to connect with their target audience. Facebook Jobs would allow them to reach more people, create a simple way for candidates to apply to jobs, and ensure a consistent, positive experience on both desktop and mobile.

Over the course of two weeks, Haley Marketing ran seven light industrial postings through Facebook Jobs. Those posts were thorough and included a full job description, available hours and the pay rate. Included with each job post was a branded Carlton Staffing image. Additionally, four of the seven test posts were chosen to be shared with Houston-area Facebook Groups that focused on job seekers.

In the first two days, Carlton Staffing received over 100 applications directly through Facebook Jobs. Over the course of the entire two-week run, all seven posts generated 562 applications through Facebook. Additionally, Facebook traffic increased 858 percent from April to May of 2018, they received a record high of completed applications, and they saw a 33 percent drop in their website’s bounce rate.

Can Social Media Help You Find Qualified Candidates?

Social Pro, the top social media marketing solution for staffing firms, helped Carlton Staffing not only meet their goals, but exceed them. By harnessing the power of Facebook, they are connecting with more applicants, even as the market continues to tighten.

If your staffing company is looking for better ways to connect with talent in this period of low unemployment, contact Haley Marketing Group today.

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