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Have you Built Time for Creativity into your Week?

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You’re busy.


We’re all busy.


But taking your business to the next level requires taking time to dream…not about playing shortstop for the Dodgers, but about how you can take your business to the next level.

Without time to think, you are reduced to checking things off your to-do list without deciding if they really belong there.

Don’t be the next Blockbuster — they got really really good at putting rental videos into the hands of their customers. But they never even saw Netflix coming.

Who is going to displace Netflix?

Somebody is thinking about it.

What’s the next game changer in the staffing industry?

Who could have predicted the rise of the gig economy?

Or that you would need an application job seekers can complete on a smartphone?

Or mobile apps that allow employers to summon temporary help with a few clicks?

Could you be the one who figures out what’s next?

Block out some time in your calendar to brainstorm alone and with your team.

Create an environment where all ideas are welcomed.

Last week members of the Haley Marketing team were fortunate enough to spend the day with Izzy Mamnoon, Founder of Beyonder and Creative Catalyst at Innovation Bound.

She walked us through several exercises designed to break down walls and free our imaginations from constraint.

We learned how to:

  • Generate ideas without censoring ourselves
  • Evaluate which ideas were actionable and innovative
  • Prioritize the most useful and ground-breaking ideas
  • Develop an action plan to implement those ideas

The most important thing we learned was that you can never find time for creativity, you have to make time.

How could building creativity into your week help you stay ahead of the competition?

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