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Stuck On Social Media? 50 Ideas To Try

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So you have a social media account, but now comes the hard part- what should you post? Building your staffing company’s online presence doesn’t have to be as intimidating as it may first appear. If you’re beating your head against a wall trying to think of what to share on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram, try these ideas:

  1. A quote from an industry thought leader that inspires you.
  2. A job on your job board that needs more applications.
  3. The link to an article that taught you something new.
  4. An update about a candidate you recently placed.
  5. A link to a podcast that you can’t stop listening to.
  6. Your thoughts on new changes in the staffing industry.
  7. A blog post from your staffing firm’s website.
  8. A picture of something exciting happening in your office.
  9. Your insights on a developing industry trend.
  10. Some takeaways from a recent life experience that challenged what you thought you already knew.
  11. A link to your job board.
  12. Updates from a conference, trade show or job fair.
  13. Quotes from a keynote presentation that you want to remember later.
  14. Tease a sneak peek of something new that you’re working on.
  15. A bio of a top candidate you want to place.
  16. Throw things back and recall an important milestone in your company’s development.
  17. An employee appreciation post to show your employees or coworkers how much you care.
  18. Pose a question to engage your followers and start a conversation.
  19. A link to your Talent Showcase.
  20. A shout out to a company you’ve recently partnered with.
  21. Recommend a book you loved and can’t wait to read again.
  22. Show your hometown pride- share something exciting that’s going on where you live!
  23. Lessons learned from your favorite show, music or movie that you want to apply at work.
  24. Something you wish you knew when you first started your career in staffing.
  25. A photo of your team getting involved in the community.
  26. A video that changed how you see the world.
  27. A link for candidates to register for your job board.
  28. The story of a meaningful experience you had with a client or candidate.
  29. An upcoming event you’re excited to go to.
  30. Thank someone who taught you something new or helped you to do your job better.
  31. Tell the world what you love about your job or working in the staffing industry.
  32. An industry fact or statistic that surprised you.
  33. A local news story that got your attention.
  34. The link to a TED Talk that taught you something new.
  35. The slides from a webinar or presentation you want others to check out, too.
  36. A press release about your staffing agency.
  37. Create a poll and get feedback from your followers.
  38. Let a top candidate take over for the day and share on-the-job updates.
  39. You can never go wrong with photos of those adorable office dogs…
  40. Some Motivation Monday, Wednesday Wisdom or Thursday Thoughts.
  41. A holiday post to let your followers know when your office will be closed.
  42. The success story of a candidate who loves their new job.
  43. Showcase an internal hire who’s new to the office.
  44. An eBook, whitepaper or newsletter you think other staffing professionals should read.
  45. A positive review or testimonial about your company that made you smile.
  46. An award or distinction your staffing firm recently received.
  47. Share a LinkedIn group you would love your colleague’s to join.
  48. A case study about your company’s success.
  49. Answer a frequently asked question you wish more people knew the answer to.
  50. A workflow, creativity or service strategy that changed your life.

Need more help crafting your social media strategy? The experts at Haley Marketing Group are happy to help. Contact us to start turning your ideas into shareworthy content!

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