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Top Echelon Partners with Haley Marketing

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In the staffing and recruiting industries, there are lots of really awesome people. One of those people is Mark Demaree, President of Top Echelon. If you’re not familiar with Mark or his company, Top Echelon has provided software and services to executive recruiters for more than 30 years.

From their Big Biller ATS to their Split Placement Network and Employer of Record Contract Staffing services, Top Echelon is all about helping recruiters to save time and make more placements. And here’s where you can learn more about Top Echelon.

So why the partnership with Haley Marketing?

From the late 90s until just about a month ago, Top Echelon was actually a competitor of ours (although a very friendly one!). Because Mark and his team were so entrenched in providing technology solutions to their clients, they were frequently asked to build websites by those clients. And for nearly 20 years, that’s just what they did—so we competed with Top Echelon in the area of website development.

This past July, I ran into Mark at the Ohio Search and Staffing Association’s annual conference. Mark told me that business was going really well—so well, in fact, that he needed to get out of building websites, so his team could focus 100% of their attention on their three core products and services. But Mark, being the customer-focused leader that he is, did not want to leave his clients without a solution for website development.

Well, as you can guess from the title of this post, that’s where we come in!

Top Echelon’s Web Development Partner

I am very honored that Mark selected Haley Marketing to be the web development partner for his clients. Mark said that our knowledge of the industry, our track record of building excellent websites for staffing and recruiting firms, and our company’s “client-first” mindset really made it an easy decision.

From a philosophical standpoint, our companies are very similar, and we are VERY excited for the opportunity to help Top Echelon’s clients with their websites and other marketing needs. If you are a Top Echelon client and need help with your website, updates to your site, website hosting, or any other marketing, please give us a call at 1.888.696.2900 or contact us here.

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