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3 Ways to Foster Creativity at Work

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Most people are creative by nature. Whether your creativity shines through your work, family life or out-of-office activities, we all need ways to express ourselves outside of the work we have to do. And while Haley Marketing has, by nature, a culture of creativity, there are many benefits any business could obtain – no matter the industry.

Fostering creativity in the workplace is an excellent way to engage not only your employees, but also your own brain. And while Google gives employees permission to spend 20 percent of their hours on a creative project of their choosing, you don’t have to take such drastic measures to get your employees’ minds humming.

Use These 3 Ideas to Foster Creativity in Your Workplace

1. The First Rule Is…There Are No Rules

While there should be a general objective to a creativity or brainstorm session at work, there should not be any hard and fast rules (save for the kindergarten golden rules). Don’t make certain topics or issues taboo, and allow any idea to be shared – however obscure or unlikely.

2. Take Away the “How” of New Ideas

The point of a brainstorm or creativity session is not to come up with a gameplan, necessarily. Focusing on how to implement new ideas takes time away from the creation of other new ideas. Just because the first idea is good, doesn’t mean it’s the best your team will come up with all day. Let the “hows” wait for another day, start with the “whats.”

3. Be Open to Every Idea

While it’s smart in business to play it safe at times, this is not one of those times. Use fun, weird and wild prompts to spark your team’s curiosity, and let them be confident in all their answers – not just the ones they think you will like. Brainstorming and creativity sessions should shake up your workforce and get them thinking outside the box, without worrying about next-steps, implementation or criticism.


Using these tips will not only create a sense of engagement and creativity in your workplace, it just might bring about your company’s next great idea, showcase an employee with leadership potential, or fix an issue before it becomes a problem. There are no downsides to opening up your workforce’s minds – and having a little fun in the process!

Want to spark creativity in your workplace? Work with a company whose award-winning creativity drives results and boosts bottom lines! Talk to the creative experts at Haley Marketing today.

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