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7 Recruiting Strategies to Survive “Indeedmageddon” Part 6: Improving the Candidate Experience

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“Indeedmageddon” is coming on January 7.

Are you prepared? Indeed is doing away with free job postings for staffing and recruiting firms, which means that if you want your jobs to be on Indeed, you must be sponsoring your jobs on Indeed.

What should you do? Don’t worry; we’re here to help! We’ve created an eBook for surviving “Indeedmageddon” – by evolving your recruitment marketing strategies.

Today, I’m continuing my 7-post series based on this ebook. Each post is dedicated to a specific recruiting strategy your firm can use to manage the loss of free job posts on Indeed.

If you missed any of these earlier installments, click the link to read the full post:

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Strategy 5: Employment Branding

Strategy 6: Improving the Candidate Experience

Option 1: Become a talent agent

We work in an industry that mainly reacts to client demands. In comes an order, then the recruiting starts. But what if you inverted your priorities and positioned your firm as talent agents for the people you place?

Some healthcare and IT staffing companies already do this. They recruit top performers, and then go to great lengths to provide an exceptional experience and get those people placed as quickly as they can.

So, why couldn’t a talent agent mentality be adopted by all staffing firms? In a talent-scarce market, you can place every qualified person you recruit. Make your mission to find people the jobs they really want—so those people only want to work for you.

Industry consultant Scott Wintrip recommends a “zero time to fill” strategy. With this approach, staffing firms focus on 3 to 5 core skill disciplines in which they proactively recruit on a continuous basis. Then when a client need arises, these firms are able to place the ideal candidate almost instantaneously. By putting candidates first, these companies gain a huge competitive advantage in speed.

Option 2: Talent Showcase

Redeployment rates in the staffing industry are awful. They typically range from a low of 10 percent to a high of around 40 percent. In other words, you spend huge sums of money to recruit talent, and then you let as much as 90 percent go somewhere else to for their next job.

Skill marketing is a tried and true methodology for placing hot candidates and contractors coming off assignments. But the process is typically labor intensive and difficult to scale.

Rather than one-off skill marketing calls, use a tool like Haley Marketing’s Talent Showcase software. With this software, you build an online profile of each candidate you are looking to place, and then you can market those people individually or as a group to local employers.

The Talent Showcase not only helps you place people faster, it shows candidates you do more to help them get the job they want. And that makes recruiting easier!

Option 3: Improve communication

Ask a job seeker “what’s the worst part about looking for a job?,” and you’re likely to hear “the black hole!”

The black hole refers to the void of communication after a candidate submits a resume to a job post or completes an initial interview. Savvy staffing companies recognize that great service is a key recruiting tool resulting in high candidate satisfaction, more referrals and higher redeployments.

If you want to improve communication—without having to hire more people, consider these tools:

  • Chatbots
    • Scripted chatbots ask predefined questions to help people find the right pages on your website or connect with a recruiter.
    • AI-based bots can do basic screening and then schedule interviews.
  • Service process automation
    Using tools like Sense HQ and Herefish, you can create communication workflows that use email and text messaging to follow up with candidates before, during and after placement. These tools reduce no-shows, ensure customer satisfaction and help you keep candidates working for your firm.

Up Next: Getting Creative

In my next post, I’ll share some next-level ideas to improve your recruiting results by thinking outside the box. But if you don’t want to wait for the post to publish, you can download the full, FREE eBook: “Indeedmageddon? Strategies to help staffing and recruiting firms prepare for the loss of free job posts” here.

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