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How to Get a Blog More Traffic

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  1. Make the blog easy to read
  2. Get everyone in your company to share it to social media
  3. Share in LinkedIn and Facebook Groups
  4. Optimize your blog for search engines
  5. Always give value to your reader
  6. Run low-cost ads

A blog is a great tool to share your company’s ideas, give advice and garner more followers. Your blog can act as your company’s “voice” and really make an impact on your business.

1. Make the Blogs Easy to Read

Since we’re all used to getting information quickly (news, social media, etc.), keeping your blog to under 600 words make them easier to read. Utilizing bullet points can also help get your point across in a more succinct way. Google also pays attention to these elements. If you have an easy-to-read blog that people keep coming back to, your ranking begins to improve.

2. Get Your Team to Share the Blog

We all have our own connections and habits on social media. We’ve all joined different LinkedIn and Facebook groups. When you get your team in the habit of sharing the company content to across their connections, the reach and influence of your blog grows. A nice side-effect of sharing also gives your employees an influence boost. Consider asking them to share the link from your blog as well and liking, commenting and sharing the posts from your company’s social pages.

3. Share the Blog in Social Groups

Posting your blogs to your company’s social groups is a great place to start. Another smart place to share your expertise through your blogs is in relevant groups on LinkedIn and Facebook and even Subreddits. First, join groups where your clients and customer are; then share blogs in those groups that are going to add value to that group and the readers within. This can raise your thought-leadership “bar” and potentially drive more readers back to your website.

4. Optimize Your Blog for Search Engines

It is VERY worth it to do a little research to identify relevant keywords you want to be associated with. When you insert these keyword phrases strategically into your blogs on a consistent basis, you are improving the odds that your blog will be found on search sites like Google. You can do a little digging to come up with a few keywords on your own; however, it is worth it to have Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts do their magic and form a solid strategy at the onset of a blogging program. Don’t expect traffic to magically appear overnight but do expect a blog to start attracting traffic over a couple of months if you’ve put the time, effort and money into strategically implementing a blog.

5. Run Low-Cost Ads to Promote Your Blog

Remember, your blog is a business tool, not a magic marketing bullet. No one business tool is the be-all and end-all to make you profitable. The same is true of online ads. You probably have a few social sites your company utilizes. Consider running ads on Facebook, Craigslist and Twitter to expand the reach of your blog. Start small and ramp up. I’d start with ads on Facebook, then move to sites like Twitter, and when you know the impact your blog has on your business, more expensive sites like LinkedIn.

6. Provide Value to Your Readers

Remember, your blog is a tool. If you are using one for business, consider why you are writing. Are you using it to pull in new clients? Are you using it to educate current customers? Both? Remember who your audience is. Make sure what and how you communicate through your blog is giving your reader real value. Your opinion is valuable; however, your professional opinion partnered with real strategies will provide real value. Give them tips, questions to ask, industry research and a place to find more information (hopefully your contact page).

Looking to Get Started?

If you’re considering a blogging program to add to your business arsenal, there are a lot of resources. We’d be happy to point you in the right direction!

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