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What’s the Difference Between Google Ads and Google for Jobs?

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If you’re thinking about spending money on Google ads, you might be wondering if you can use those resources as a way to promote your staffing company’s job listings on Google for Jobs, as well. Unfortunately, the two aren’t synonymous, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to get more eyes on your jobs using Google!

First off, let’s review what you can do with ads on Google.

Using the Google Ads platform (previously known as Google Adwords), it is possible to create advertisements that will show up in search results containing selected keywords that are relevant to your staffing company, or on websites, videos and apps that are a part of the Google Display Network, which contains over 2 million sites and reaches more than 90% of internet users.

Google Ads can help you to reach people who are actively searching for your services, users who have already visited your website, job seekers in a certain geographic location – the options for getting your message in front of the right audience with Google are limitless!

If you’re looking to further promote your jobs online, Google Ads are an excellent cost-effective way to increase awareness of your services and to help drive candidates back to your job board.

But how do Google Ads differ from Google for Jobs?

Google changed the recruiting game when they introduced Google for Jobs in 2017. This search feature uses structured data to displays jobs from career sites and job boards across the internet and shows them off in job seekers’ search results. If your jobs are optimized with the right data (which you can test here), Google can scrape your job and display it on Google for Jobs.

To be clear, Google for Jobs is not a third-party aggregator but rather an extension of the Google search engine. The important thing to know about Google for Jobs is that nobody can post to the platform directly and jobs cannot be sponsored or turned into ads.

Google will only pull jobs from where they are already published online, and categorizes them according to both the structured data they can read on your job and their own complex search algorithms.

What does this mean for your staffing firm?

Because it’s not possible to create advertisements using Google for Jobs, your staffing company must consider two things:

  1. What are you doing to make sure your jobs are showing up on Google for Jobs in the first place? Are you optimizing your jobs for Google for Jobs by making sure that you’re including structured data and using their Indexing API? (Don’t know if your jobs can do that? Reach out to one of our marketing educators to learn about the features of the Haley Marketing job board!)
  2. What other recruitment marketing strategies are you using to find candidates and increase applications? Here’s where Google Ads come back into the mix as just one tactic to consider mixing into your digital strategy.

Ready to see if advertising on Google is the right fit for you? Have more questions about your jobs showing up on Google for Jobs?

Send our team a message– our tech and marketing experts are here to help!

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