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“I Hate Having Fun…”

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… said no one ever.

Having fun relieves stress, brings people closer, and is an important part of our everyday lives.

So, Why Don’t Staffing Companies Use Fun in Marketing?

That’s a question I don’t have an answer for. Maybe some companies are afraid they won’t be taken seriously. Or that it won’t get their message across appropriately. Some companies could be so afraid of scaring off candidates in this tight labor market, they do not stray past their “tried and true” methods.

These are valid concerns, but with the right marketing strategy, adding some fun to your content marketing can actually help make your company be seen how you want it to, find candidates, and get your message across…without boring your audience!

One recent example is a client who posted a “funny” video we made featuring people poorly dancing behind testimonials about how this staffing agency helped others find work.

The Results

The video reached 2.9k users, was shared 23 times, commented on 7 times, and garnered 19 “reactions” – all through organic posting (no paid boost).

How can you get your content seen and engaged with by more people?

Start by Having Some Fun!


If you want ideas on how to kick your social media or content marketing up a notch, talk to the experts at Haley Marketing Group. We have tried and tested social media strategies for staffing and recruiting, and we know what works. Whether you need to find more candidates, bring in applications, or create a company brand, our team of social media experts can get the job done!

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