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Top Tips for Making the Most of Resume Search

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In the current market, staffing professionals are under more pressure than ever before to proactively find the very best candidates for their job openings.

In fact, while advertising your job online is still the most common way to source candidates, Resume Search can be a faster and more cost-effective tool to make successful hires.

But where do you start? And how can you get the most out of your Resume Search?

1. Use Relevant Keywords

What’s your go-to technique when searching for resumes? Do you search solely by job title? Or do you consider adding other key skills that are relevant to the position you’re hiring for?

Searching by job title is certainly a great starting point, but you could be limiting your talent pool if certain resumes don’t match your criteria word-for-word.

For example, while your company may hire “Sales Superstars” or “‘Customer Success Ninjas”, candidates may have more standard “Sales Executive” or “Customer Support Clerk” titles in their previous jobs.

To maximize your search results, start with common job titles. In addition, make a priority list of keywords that are relevant to the job. This might be in the industry in which you’re hiring, a few job title variations, and key skills or qualifications. The more effective your keywords are, the better your search results will be.

2. Master Boolean Search

Boolean search allows you to create more complex searches by using different operators, such as AND, OR, NOT, “quotation marks” and (brackets), to target your search more accurately.

For example, if you’re looking for someone with experience in sales and marketing, you’d search sales AND marketing. If you’re searching by job title, you might choose to use a search string such as “marketing manager” OR “marketing executive” OR “marketing director” OR “head of marketing.”

If you want to get a bit more sophisticated with your search, you can use a combination of the above commands. For example, if you’re looking for a resume with sales or marketing experience, but they have to be good at cold-calling, you’d benefit from using this search string: (sales OR marketing) AND “cold-calling.”

You can evaluate the effectiveness of your search strings by monitoring the number of resumes the system finds for you. If you find that you’re getting too many, or too few, results, try adding or removing a few of the variants.

3. Make Use of Resume Search Filters

When using Resume Search, be sure to make use of built-in filters to ensure you’re getting the most relevant results. These might include location, salary, industry and when the resume was submitted.

Filters allow you to easily remove unsuitable candidates from your results, ultimately helping to speed up your time to hire.

4. Save Your Resume Searches

If possible, try to save every search you run, especially if you tend to hire for similar roles on a regular basis. Saving your searches means you can pick back up where you left off the last time you were searching – perfect for busy staffing professionals!

Make the Most of Resume Search with Resume-Library and Haley Marketing!

Did you know that you can now search Resume-Library’s database directly in Haley Marketing Job Board software? With over 5 million U.S candidates in its database, all you need to do get started with Resume-Library is:

  1. Login to your myHaley account.
  2. Select Job Boards from the navigation menu.
  3. Choose Resume-Library.
  4. Click Search and source the best resumes!

You can search resumes at no cost, and then when you want to download the resumes you’ve found, you can easily create an account with Resume-Library.

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