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[InSights] Do Staffing Firms Need Instagram?

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On this episode of InSights, Brad Bialy and Matt Lozar discuss:

Three ways to improve your blog’s search engine optimization (1:15), whether or not staffing and recruiting firms should be allocating time and resources on Instagram (10:03), important changes you need to be aware of if you’re advertising jobs on Facebook (17:17)

During segment 1, Content Blueprint, they’re joined by Joe Ray, Social Media Marketing Advisor at Haley Marketing Group.

Have a question on the InSights shared during this episode? Follow Brad (@BradBialy) and Matt (@Matt_Lozar) on Twitter and let them know what you’re thinking.

Referenced in this Episode:

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[Article] What 6,000 Hours of Research Taught Us About Social Media for Staffing Firms

[News] Doing More to Protect Against Discrimination in Housing, Employment and Credit Advertising

Episode Presented by Haley Marketing:

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