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Why Your Staffing Firm Needs a Messaging Strategy and How to Get it Done

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Marketing success depends upon clear and compelling communication, and a messaging strategy acts as your guide for developing that clear and compelling marketing. Messaging keeps your team on the same page and provides a guide for clarity in every communication you send out. If your clients and candidates find you online, it is absolutely necessary that your website and social media copy are guided by a messaging strategy. If people don’t understand what you do, what you do well and why they should partner with you, they will look somewhere else. The most successful marketing hooks the audience, engages them and compels them to take action – and an effective messaging strategy is the core of this process.


Why do you need a messaging strategy?

Creating a messaging strategy keeps everyone on the same page, from sales and recruiting, to your clients and candidates, to your competitors. Good messaging shows how you’re different, how you are better and why everyone should choose you over others in the marketplace.


So, what should your messaging strategy say?


    1. What makes you different.

What makes you truly different? It can’t be that you really listen or you know clients’ businesses inside and out. Everyone says that! Maybe you partner with local community colleges to provide hands-on welding training and find jobs for the graduates. Maybe you’ve used AR to create a virtual forklift training facility. Those unique things are what set you apart, and you should be talking them up throughout your messaging.

    1. Who are you targeting?

A typical staffing company that we work with has two audiences: clients and candidates. Decide who you want to speak to in every piece of communication you create. Use your website to designate client and candidate pages. Use your company’s blog to discuss solutions to the questions those two audiences want to know. Your message will be different if you’re, for example, talking about how well-trained your welding candidates are versus telling a welding candidate how you’ll find them a good job fast.

    1. Make it easy for the decision maker.

Take your targeting from above and put it into full gear. Why should a client choose you? Will you make it easier/faster/cheaper for them? Why should a candidate work with you? Will you make finding a job easier and faster for them? Will you get them more money? Better shifts? A shorter commute? Create a message that explains that instantly!

    1. Get everyone on board.

Your messaging strategy will only work if it’s consistent. Have a company meeting to discuss these changes and show you’re committed to them. Update your website copy. Get new collateral to your sales people. Write new email signatures. Create blog and social media posts that carry the messaging to wider audiences. Don’t forget to update the SEO on your website.


For more information on building a messaging strategy and how it could affect the SEO on your website, tune into our next Lunch With Haley webinar, Staffing Messaging: Striking a Balance Between Human Readers and Algorithms. Register here!


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