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Traveling Is a Lot Like Marketing

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I recently traveled for a conference, and the similarities between traveling and marketing struck me (maybe somewhere around 7 miles up in the air). Here is what I think makes a good trip, and a good content marketing strategy.

1. You Need to Be Prepared

You can’t get to a destination without the proper preparation. You need a roadmap, plane tickets, luggage, an itinerary – there’s a lot more than just showing up and getting from one destination to another.

The same can be said for marketing. Just because you want to start finding more candidates, or creating a brand identity, doesn’t mean you should just start throwing things at the wall and seeing what works (or, more likely, what doesn’t). You need to set realistic goals and understand what you’re looking to accomplish – or where you’re trying to go – before you can figure out how to get there.

2. Just Because You’re Ready Doesn’t Mean the Universe Is

Bad weather. Technical malfunctions. Plane delays. They’re all realities in travel, and at this point, they feel more common than getting to your destination on time.

In marketing, sometimes you’re ready to hit the ground running, but you may need to take a step back. Your ideas might need a second glance, some expert opinion, or even data and statistics to show why they might – or might not – work. While it’s not fun to sit and wait during maintenance, it’s definitely better than taking off in a rickety plane!

3. Expect to Hit Turbulence

I’m not afraid to admit I am not a fan of flying. I know it’s the safest form of travel. I know it’s a necessity. But when turbulence hits? I’d rather be in a pool of hungry sharks than strapped to a tiny seat somewhere in the sky. However, as I’m sure you can deduce from reading this, I have never felt turbulence that stopped me from getting back on another plane.

Any marketing program will hit turbulence. A month where your social media stats drop? Yep. A month where your email seems to go unopened by almost everyone? Seen it. But like plane turbulence, it’s only temporary. And those setbacks help us realign our plans, adjust our strategies, and find that smooth air where we can get you back on track – if not ahead of pace!

4. It’s More Fun With a Friend

Luckily for me, I work with an incredible group of people at Haley Marketing Group, so traveling with a co-worker is a lot like traveling with an old friend – someone who understands my goals, ambitions, and is there to share some tips and laughs along the ride.

Having a strategic marketing partner is the same thing. A good marketing program is not “plug and play” – there is sincere thought and strategy put into every aspect, and that can’t happen without first building a relationship and a foundation of trust between Haley Marketing Group and our clients. We are your advocates, and we want you to succeed just as much as you do, so we are there to lend a helping hand, have a serious talk, or share some big – and sometimes even funny or outlandish – ideas.


Ready to start your marketing journey? Not sure where to begin? Talk to the marketing experts at Haley Marketing Group today! We can help you start a roadmap to get you on the path to success in your field. Bon voyage!

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