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The Writing Is on the Wall…

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Still cutting corners in your staffing customer service process?

You may be unintentionally shooting yourself in the foot. Here are three eye-opening stats from PwC’s 2018 Future of CX whitepaper “Experience is Everything: Here’s how to get it right“:

  • 43% of customers said they would pay a premium for a better experience.
  • 65% of respondents said their experience was more important than advertising when it comes to influencing their buying decision.
  • Three of the top four experience elements that send customers to the competition are directly related to interactions with employees: bad employee attitudes, unfriendly service and unknowledgeable employees.

The takeaway here?

Service quality matters – big time!

Research shows that people are willing to pay a premium for shareworthy service, and that poor service quality from your staff can prompt customers to leave you for a competitor.

Makes sense, right?

And the awesome thing is, you have control over that service quality.

The writing is on the wall, people – so stop cutting corners. Use the tips in these posts to get CX right, and drive both loyalty and profits for your staffing or recruiting firm:

  • Provide formal customer service training. Truly exceptional service is all about consistency. The only way for your firm to ensure that consistency is by creating formal service policies – and then making formal customer service training mandatory. This post shares the steps to raise the bar in CX by adding structure and training to the mix.
  • Build a customer service culture. A culture of service yields amazing customer services – and ultimately a healthier bottom line for your agency. But while the concept is simple to explain, the process of actually strengthening your staffing firm’s service culture can be quite complex. This post provides six steps to creating a thriving customer service culture, from articulating the right mantra to hiring employees who will aid your efforts.
  • Empower your team to provide amazing experiences. Beyond having the know-how to “wow” clients and candidates, your employees must be properly equipped to resolve problems – and know that you’ll back them up on their service decisions. This post includes practical tips for empowering staff to deliver shareworthy service.
  • Create great employee experiences. Employees who are engaged, loyal and happy are true advocates for your company – and more willing to bend over backwards to amaze your customers. If you want to get serious about improving your team’s EX, this post explains the factors you must address to make meaningful change.

Customers’ expectations for your service quality are getting higher. And your clients and candidates are increasingly likely to go online and rate your firm’s service – good or bad. The implication is clear: It’s time to get CX right!

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