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If You Give a Hoot, Show It! Service Mistakes that Drive Staffing Customers Away

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“Caring. In a business world gone numb, it’s an almost unfair advantage.”

Jim Cecil, a pioneer in relationship marketing, made this very astute observation many years ago. And research shows that over 2/3 of lost business is due to a supplier’s indifference.

Do you show your staffing customers that you truly care about them?

We’re all busy; just “keeping up” with daily responsibilities can feel overwhelming. With so many fires to fight, it’s easy for small relationship-building habits to fall by the wayside.

But that doesn’t make them any less important.

In this era of rising customer expectations, nurturing business relationships gives you a real competitive advantage – and customer indifference provides an opening for competitors to steal business. So, if you really give a hoot about your clients, make sure you’re not making one of these innocuous service blunders that drives customers away:

Failing to check in.

No news is good news, right? Well, not always. Never mistake silence for satisfaction. Check in with your customers regularly to show you care, identify new opportunities and make sure you’re not at risk of losing a great staffing client.

Waiting too long to respond.

Clients demand speedy response – and your staffing firm should deliver it. In this post, I share tips to shorten response times and create a better service experience for your customers.

Forgetting staffing clients’ preferences.

Custom screening questions. Special onboarding requests. Communicating via preferred channels. Part of providing shareworthy service is remembering to do things the way your clients want them done. While a single misstep may not be a big deal, repeatedly ignoring client preferences can really irritate your customers – and send the unintended message that you don’t know or care about them.

Neglecting to say thank you.

It’s easy, fast and free – and it shows you really care! The question is: Do you say it enough? If you’re looking for creative ways to express gratitude to your clients, this post contains a list of ideas to help you show your appreciation, build loyalty and guard against indifference.

Listening with half an ear.

We all do it: make the appropriate responses (mmmhmmm, I understand) during a client call, while simultaneously checking email or planning how to respond. The problem? Most clients can tell when attention is divided – and feel unimportant or like a nuisance as a result. Giving customers your full attention is essential to building strong relationships. If you or your staff needs help strengthening active listening skills, this earlier post shares seven practical tips.

Your staffing firm has tremendous opportunities to overcome indifference every day. Show your existing customers that nobody can match your commitment to delivering bottom-line results. Show your competitors’ clients that you care more about their staffing needs than their current suppliers do. By nurturing business relationships and demonstrating your true caring, you give your firm an unfair advantage – and position yourself for long-term success.

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