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The KISS Method Works for Customer Service

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“Wow, I just wish customer service would be more complicated.”

– said no one, ever.

Customer service guru Jeff Toister published a great post recently about the importance of simplicity in providing great customer service. My biggest takeaway?

Simplicity in customer service starts internally.

It makes sense: The best way to make things simple for customers is by first making customer service simple for employees. But how, exactly, do you accomplish this? Here are a few of Jeff’s key points, and how you can apply the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) method in your own agency to level up your CX:

Inventory cultural artifacts related to your service.

What statements, service processes or other items define your staffing firm’s culture? Consider:

  • mission and/or vision statements
  • core values
  • mottos, service slogans, and/or brand promises
  • service standards

If you find that your agency has several messages and/or approaches to providing customer service, you’re not alone. Over time, most staffing services grow, evolve and become more complex. And as that happens, customer service often becomes more complex, too.

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Choose one.

Yes, just one!

From that list of artifacts, identify the one message or approach that’s most important. To do this, imagine you’re an employee who’s in the midst of serving a client or candidate. What single statement would you want that employee to use as a guide?

Once you decide which artifact is most important, use it to craft a single sentence which describes your company’s overall customer service mission and goals. Why? Because everyone on your team – from the owner to the receptionist – must understand what your company stands for when it comes to great service. Only when everyone is on the same page can you work together to deliver it.

And if you’re not sure which service artifact is the right one to focus on, you may want to go through the process of clarifying or redefining your customer service mantra. In this earlier post, I walk you through the process of articulating a customer service mantra, and then using it to create a focused – and thriving – customer service culture.

Great service is simple, quick and convenient for customers.

And not surprisingly, that simplicity starts internally.

As a leader, it’s up to you to make things simple for your employees, so they can focus on your customers. Apply the KISS method to define a customer service mantra that unifies, guides and empowers everyone in your organization to deliver shareworthy experiences for your clients and candidates.

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