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How to Become a Name People Remember

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When I first started working at Haley Marketing Group, I mentioned I had been placed by a staffing agency one summer. Of course, the next question to follow was, “Who was the staffing agency?” To my dismay I couldn’t remember the agency name, only the company I had been placed at for the summer.

This, unfortunately, is not an uncommon occurrence. But why is this? I have broken it down to one key idea: Engagement.

Staffing agencies need to keep their candidates engaged before, during and after the hiring process. It is shown people need an average of five-to-seven impressions of a brand before they can remember it. So, you called once to get your candidate set up and then you called a second time to check in. Now what?

Here are four different ways to keep your candidates engaged with your staffing agency:

Direct Marketing – Emails, Mail or Telephone

This is the most common way staffing companies are keeping in contact. You can email a helpful blog about “Tips to Keep Your Desk Organized” or call and see how they are liking their new job and if it is the right fit for them so far. Near the end of their contract, call to see if they are ready for a follow-up job. Lots of opportunity here to reach out!

Advertising – Traditional TV or Radio Broadcast

Radio is the most cost-effective method compared to broadcast. See if your local radio station will play a quick 15-to-30-second ad. Many companies have now switched to the more modern format of podcasting. This can be an effective way to show you are an expert in your industry. Around 22 percent of people listen to podcasts in the car. Imagine all the potential or current candidates out there that could be tuning into your podcast on their morning commute.

Digital Marketing – Social Media

If you are a staffing agency and you have started your social media journey, congrats, you are one more step ahead of the game! The world of social media can seem like an intimidating step to take on. The best approach here is to start small and then add on. Start with Facebook and, if things are going well, create a LinkedIn account!

Keep in mind that social media shouldn’t solely be a place to sell your service, you must also offer your followers industry-related content and a glimpse into your company culture, as well!

Public Relations – Word-of-Mouth or Personal Selling

Make personal connections with your clients. Building long-lasting relationships is important to your business’s success. Make sure your candidates are feeling like they received five-star service. Outside of your connections, your candidates will also have a web of connections and you never know who they will refer to you!

It’s important to have multiple touchpoints with your audience if you want to keep them engaged. If you are needing advice or aren’t sure where to start your marketing journey, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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