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How can you set a measurable goal for your content marketing in 2020?

Content Marketing in 2020
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The following transcript was taken from InSights, a staffing and recruiting podcast from Haley Marketing Group dedicated to providing quick-hitting takeaways on Social Recruiting, Content Marketing, and Employer Branding. To listen to the episode, click play on the player above or visit the episode page [InSights] Preparing for 2020


Brad Bialy: A new year means new goals, new objectives, and this stems back to the foundation. What are you as an organization or you as an individual looking to accomplish in 2020. If we think about most staffing and recruiting firms and their overall collective goals for the year, it’s typically generating more applications or more job orders. It’s getting more of those job orders where you can put great people to work in your local market. So if we think about setting those goals and we have those quantifiable goals, Matt and I aren’t here to tell you how to address your business goals. That’s the number that you have to come up with with your team. We’re here today to talk about how a seo audit can help fuel those goals.

Brad Bialy: So Matt, I’m going to pass it to you here. How can you set a measurable goal for content marketing in 2020, and how can we make sure that that’s aligned with overall business goals?

Matt Lozar: That’s a good question cause it’s a question we get a lot, and I think the education of this will help eliminate confusion and hopefully staffing agencies, companies understand how each tactic works. And as we’ve brainstorm for the show and this segment, the thought that came to me is content marketing overall all works together, but if you only have the resources, the capacity to implement one of them, let’s say blogging.

Matt Lozar: I think it’s extremely important to understand what blogging is going to do. We start blogging in a week. It’s not going to flood us with applications. It’s going to help you create content. So you have a blog on your website every let’s say four times a month or every week. But then that’s the short term play, which you can then share that content which we could get into. But then the long term play, and this takes time, is it’s going to help you on organic rankings.

Matt Lozar: And what I mean by organic rankings is when someone goes to Google or Bing or Yahoo in searches, your content could show up when they type in staffing agencies in San Antonio or for tips for my resume or benefits of working with a staffing agency. So my biggest thing is to match it with your business goals. Yes, you want to get more job applications. Okay, let’s create job seeker content, but then realize what that tactic is going to do to help you get to that business goal.

Brad Bialy: Matt, I love that point. And as director of recruitment marketing, you invest a ton of time into thinking about job advertising and job board spend, and you know and we both know that if you want immediate response, allocating those dollars towards job advertising makes a ton of sense. Immediate applications tomorrow. Content marketing supports that. It strengthens your brand. It strengthens who you are as an individual, but as Matt said, you need to understand the impact that’s going to have on your business and really the time it’s going to take to ramp up that impact.

Brad Bialy: When we think about creating content and we think about how that can fuel your overall goal of more applications and job orders, we’re making a short term and a long term play. We’re creating this great content that you and your team can share on social media, can share in an email newsletter, can share on bluntly your website so that individuals can come back and read that. You’re not linking out to Inc., Forbes, Entrepreneur. You are seen as that thought leader on that topic. The longterm play, as Matt’s saying, is you have that intrinsic value of SEO, organic search. People are coming back. They know who you are. They know that you are a preferred thought leader on a given topic.

Brad Bialy: So we think about setting the goal of content marketing in 2020, what Matt and I are trying to say is really think through the value of creating great content. How are you positioning yourself as a thought leader, as an expert on a given topic, and how does that intersect with your overall recruitment marketing and your overall digital marketing.

Matt Lozar: And the companies that do this very well and take it to that next level, they create the content and it sits on their website. That’s the basis. The companies that do this very well create that distribution strategy. It could be social media, it could be your email marketing, it could be putting it into print pieces to hand out in your office.

Brad Bialy: It’s the then what.

Matt Lozar: Correct. It’s also taking it and giving it to your sales team, giving it to your recruiters to send out to their lists, the people that they’re trying… That are hot prospects or warm leads. It’s the then what as you said of we have this content. People aren’t just going to come to your website and find it. Like think about, take yourselves out of that day to day job that you have and go to your consumer mindset. Put on that hat and think about do you just go to insert companies here website and look for their blog? No. It eventually finds you. So what are you going to do with that content to get it to your audience?

Brad Bialy: Matt, my dad loves Field of Dreams so much so I’ve seen Field of Dreams probably 150 times. The iconic quote, “If you build it, he will come.” 2020 marketing, if you build it, no one is coming. You need to get people back to your content. You need to get people back to your website through all the tactics that Matt just talked about. So you can’t just have a blog and let it live on your website. It’s a living, breathing system that you need to distribute out to other people. Matt, I love that point. You need to get that content out to other eyeballs.

Brad Bialy: And just one additional item that I want to address here, Matt, is thinking through that new year’s resolution of content marketing and putting out content on your website. When we think about goal setting, yes, we want to make sure that content is aligned with your business goals and objectives, but I also want to challenge you to set a goal, a very tactical goal of how many pieces of content do you want to put out in 2020 because if you sit here in early January, well, middle of January now, and you say, “Okay, I want to blog this year.” You don’t really have any way to hold yourself accountable. Creating one piece of content every now and again is great, but what I would challenge you to do is think through, “Okay, in 2020 we as an organization or myself as an individual, we’re going to get involved in content marketing to fuel our business goals and objectives. To do so, we’re going to create two blogs every month. We’re going to create one blog every week and publish every single Friday, no excuses.” Whatever that number might be for you, I want you to really sit down and think about that number. Write it down and hold yourself accountable for that.

Brad Bialy: Look back on that in December. Celebrate that success. When you finally hit that number, when you finally hit that metric, make sure you celebrate that. Use that to fuel you into 2021 as you look back on the goals that you had set for this year and use that to catapult you into the new year.

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