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How might you strengthen your employer brand on Facebook?

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The following transcript was taken from InSights, a staffing and recruiting podcast from Haley Marketing Group dedicated to providing quick-hitting takeaways on Social Recruiting, Content Marketing, and Employer Branding. To listen to the episode, click play on the player above or visit the episode page [InSights] Preparing for 2020

Brad Bialy: Matt, as we look at Facebook in 2020 and we think about how Facebook can fuel an organization’s employer brand, I want to pass this to you to get your InSights on how you might use a platform like Facebook to strengthen your employer brand and more importantly why that matters for staffing and recruiting firms as we move into this new year.

Matt Lozar: Employer brand is becoming increasingly important and the really good takeaway that I read earlier this week, or may have been last week, was that employer brand isn’t getting people to apply for jobs, but it’s having an enormous impact after they apply for the job.

Matt Lozar: And what do I mean by that? Let’s say you have the active job seeker applies on Indeed, ZipRecruiter, wherever on your website. Then you send them an email, they start to look into… You schedule your phone interview. That’s when the job seeker goes to your Facebook page and looks for that content. And we’ve talked about the content in segment one, but they’re looking for content, they’re looking for testimonials. What’s your star rating? What are people saying about you? Are you 2.5 stars from 38 people or are you 4.5 stars from 17 people? That makes an impact because we trust that crowdsourcing reviews and information to help us make decisions. It’s crazy. I know different people think you’re going to trust someone you’ve never met to help you shift your job decision or your consumer decisions. So that employer brand on Facebook is important because people go there all the time and what they see about your company is important.

Matt Lozar: It could be when they apply for a job, it could be before they apply for a job because people take… I think it’s 90% of people have an action six months before they apply for a job that influences their decision. So maybe they want to work for a company in your area, your staffing agency, they go to your page in today, January. They might not apply til July 15th. That’s an enormous amount of time. So what are you doing to showcase your company to make it the best place to work or a desired place to work in your community?

Brad Bialy: Matt, I just want to reiterate what you just said there. 90% of individuals applying to take any action with the company they apply to six months prior to generating that first application. That’s six months. So if you’re thinking here, and I don’t want to get too much on a tangent, but if you’re sitting here thinking about how do I measure the success of what I’m doing, whether that’s through social media, content marketing, job advertising, you almost need to look six months prior to see what you did then.

Matt Lozar: Recruitment marketing is a long term play. It’s a challenge because you have to have that right mindset. Yeah, January is the perfect time to start something new. It’s the calendar flips over. It’s natural for us to be like, “Let’s try new tactics.” As Brad said at the end of segment one, you want to hold yourself accountable because it’s exciting in January. It’s a grind at the end of February, in March, in April, in June, in the summer if it’s not a priority for you personally or for your company. So the content that you want to share is really important in what you can do to really find that success, and what do you think deems that success on the content we share on Facebook to help us strengthen that employee brand? We’ll dig into a couple of examples of tactics or types of content to share, but what then leads to saying, “This is good.” “This is bad. We need to change.”

Brad Bialy: When we think about strengthening that employer brand, really what we’re doing is we’re battling against the competition in your local market against national firms. We’re also just battling against the competition of applying to that large employer in your area. Somebody that’s not necessarily a staffing firm or a recruiting firm. Someone who just has a lot of open jobs. By strengthening that employer brand, we help you stand out, stay top of mind, and get in front of those candidates who when they are looking for their next opportunity, know to come to you instead of somebody else.

Brad Bialy: Matt, if we get tactical on Facebook and we think about strengthening that employer brand, you had mentioned building online reviews on Facebook. So using Facebook as review management, managing those reviews. We always want to drive positive reviews. If you know of a candidate, you know of an associate who’s out on assignment right now who is loving their opportunity. Ask them candidly to leave you a review.

Brad Bialy: On the flip side of that, if you know somebody has left a negative review, take the time to respond to that and address it. The worst thing that we can do is just let that sit there. We need to address it, respond to it, acknowledge it and own it.

Brad Bialy: You know from there, if we want to strengthen that employer brand, I would start to build those reviews into great sharing images. Turn those into quick five to seven-second videos maybe. Turn those into shareable graphics that are branded, that have your look and feel, your colors, your logo. If we can take a picture of that individual, I’ll use Matt as an example here. If Matt left a review on my staffing firms Facebook page and I know Matt has to come in this week, maybe I film Matt on an iPhone talking about his experience with us, with me, with our recruiters, with our team, or maybe I just take a quick picture of him and put that testimonial that he left on Facebook over it. I overlay that on top of it. We’re putting a face to the quote. We’re putting a face to the name, but ultimately we’re showing others, “Hey, look what we did from that. We can do this for you.”

Matt Lozar: It’s simple. It’s XYZ staffing company gave me the schedule I needed for this job. XYZ staffing company gave me a job that really helped me and my family meet our bills. Just anything. Like those are the actual tactics we want. Brad talked about having a video if they want to go on camera. And then I think the really long term if you want to invest a little bit more time and handle this more professionally, think about a success story. Find one, two, three people. The person that you came in, they had a job, then they took the initiative and maybe moved up in your organization or maybe they moved on to that next couple of steps in their career. Think about a 30-60 second video that you can create that your audience is going to relate to. This person that came in one day applied for the job. You put them in the work and now they’re successful, right?

Matt Lozar: I think about ASA, the employee, the National Staffing Employee of the Year always is a really awesome story of someone that might’ve been down on their luck or just had trouble, but they got through school. They had to pay a bunch of bills and juggle schedules, and now they’re a manager at a factory or in a healthcare facility or at a clerical facility. Really take that human touch that you talked about over there, Brad, and take it to that next level because we connect to people. If we see someone and we see a happy face, we see that smile, that just excitement that this company, this personal recruiter gave me a shot and now I’m really happy and just excited. That’s the best personal employer brand you can have.

Brad Bialy: It puts the social back in social media. And I think even more importantly, Matt, as you put those individuals on your Facebook page, it adds to a very simple nature of that person’s going to share it, their friend’s going to share it, their mom’s going to share it, their Aunt Judy going to share it. And next thing you know, your brand and the value that you bring to your local market is starting to snowball throughout the Facebook ecosystem, is starting to snowball throughout the local market.

Matt Lozar: And then as Brad says, they share that personal content because that’s the content we see that receives the most shares and engagement. Let’s close this loop from segment one. Then they’re going to come and see that awesome content. You’re creating that job. Seek your content about finding a job or why a staffing agency or they’re just going to find your jobs. And then that’s when you know that really good personal content brought your company’s awareness to their forefront. Now they’re going to engage deeper into your company because their cousin, their daughter, their mom, their friend has an awesome experience. They can connect with that and maybe they’re sick of their job today. They’re going to go see your content and could apply for a job and then that just continues that word of mouth, that awesome employer brand that you started to create right on Facebook.

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