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3 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Digital Dominance Program

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Welcome! You’ve made the investment and you’re a part of our Digital Dominance program – social media, blogging, email marketing and reputation management all in one! The best part? It’s a fully managed, award-winning marketing program designed specifically for you!

Like most partnerships though, we cannot excel without your help. Here are three tips to make the most out of your Digital Dominance program.

Follow Up with The Warm Leads You’re Generating (E-mail Newsletter)

With each monthly email, we are able to track who not only views your email, but also which articles and links the viewer clicked on. Use these as warm leads! For example, if Sally clicks on both, “5 Tips to Find Your Next Job” and the, “Search Jobs” link in your newsletter, reach out to her.

Simply say,

Hi Sally,

We wanted to reach out as we have a few new resources on how to find the best job for your lifestyle.

(List 3 job-searching blogs).

 Are you looking for a new opportunity? I’d be happy to help you start your search!

Use Your Blogs as Sales Collateral (Blogging)

With Digital Dominance, you receive four customized blog posts per month. Why not print these out and use them as sales collateral? Whether you’re visiting a job fair or attending an industry conference, our blogs can easily be printed to showcase your expertise and thought leadership. Over the course of a year, that’s 48 blog options for your next event (and 48 great reasons to connect with prospects).

Share Your Office Culture (Social Media)

While there are many job-search and client questions we can help answer for your audience, we find that company culture posts get the most engagement. Whether it’s a birthday, lunch outing, or company anniversary, connect with your Social Media Marketing Advisor to create a streamlined process to share these special moments.

These are only three tips to make the most out of your Digital Dominance program, but there are many more great perks you get each month, and many ways to maximize new opportunities. If you’re interested in learning more about this award-winning program, connect with us today.

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