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What content format is working best on LinkedIn?

Best Content on LinkedIn
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The following transcript was taken from InSights, a staffing and recruiting podcast from Haley Marketing Group dedicated to providing quick-hitting takeaways on Social Recruiting, Content Marketing, and Employer Branding. To listen to the episode, click play on the player above or visit the episode page [InSights] Acquiring Clients in 2020


Brad Bialy: What content format is working best on LinkedIn? I’m looking at Matt, as I say that he is shaking his head left to right. It’s almost as if he’s at a loss of words. Matt and I, we put out a ton of content on LinkedIn personally. And really Matt, I think what we should talk about here is through personal means. If we think about personal channels, personal accounts on LinkedIn, what content format is working best? Before we get into that and we get into your recommendations, your ideas, let’s break down what a content format is.

Brad Bialy: For an individual who’s listening right now on Insights as you’re listening, content format might be a video, it might be a picture, it might be just a link post to a blog article. It could be a text post where all you’re doing on LinkedIn is sharing your thoughts, almost like a mini-blog, but just running some text. When we think about content format, we’re thinking about the media that you’re using, the medium that you’re using. So that could be video, it could be images, it could be text, or really it could be a link.

What Content is Working Well on LinkedIn?

Matt Lozar: Brad set the stage really well here and you, the thought that came to my mind, before I get into some notes here is, the last 12 to 18 months on LinkedIn really emphasizes and shows how much of a moving target it is. We’ve seen this with Facebook, we’ve seen it with Instagram, and now on LinkedIn it’s, 12, 18, 24 months ago, video was fantastic. Our views would be 1,000, 2,000 a video.

Matt Lozar: You know I looked at the last six months because that’s all the view data LinkedIn had before our recording here and we’re in that five, 600 range. Could LinkedIn be changing what counts as a view? It could be, but it’s looking at that. It’s looking at something as simple as text posts that I think work really well right now. I’ll post a Monday motivation quote and get a thousand views.

Matt Lozar: I think something else that you talked about is that many blogs are working really, really well.

Matt Lozar: And you’ve got to take a little bit of time to think about it, but a couple of 100 words is creating engagement through likes and comments, and LinkedIn’s algorithm seems to like that and push it out to more connections and really out of your network too.

Brad Bialy:  Matt, content on LinkedIn, and I’ve said this before on InSights is very similar to the evening news, and you need to think about your target audience. They’re looking at LinkedIn, they’re scrolling through all day, and we need to captivate their attention in different ways. If you think about the evening news, some people might get that on social media, some might watch a video and watch their favorite anchor talking about that news, some might read the newspaper, some might want it in very digestible, quick to read bullet points.

Brad Bialy: And when I think about what content is working best on LinkedIn, and I was looking at my data here as well as Matt had alluded to, some videos do really well, some don’t. Some blog posts will get a good click-through rate, some don’t. I could post a picture of a book I’m reading and get 20, 30 likes on it, a bunch of comments, some don’t.

Brad Bialy: It really comes down to I think the content and the root of what you’re posting. If you’re posting junk, no one’s going to want to consume it anyway. So if you think about a TV show that gets canceled after two episodes, it’s because no one cares. Shows get renewed on TV because there’s an audience, people are passionate about it, they start to follow it, they watch it more, they tell their friends, and it grows, and it snowballs.

Brad Bialy: LinkedIn and even maybe Facebook are looking at how can we captivate the audience? How can we get people to stay here? So for me, what content format that’s working best on LinkedIn? I’m going to pass this around a little bit and say it’s a variety. It’s being consistent on LinkedIn and using LinkedIn, but using everything, trying video, trying link posts, posting just an image of the book you’re reading or what you’re doing or what you’re seeing, being personal there, and then also just having that quick dialogue and having that conversation.

Matt Lozar: It’s like Brad read my notes and you said …

Brad Bialy: I did not. I got it.

Matt Lozar: The consistency was one of my big takeaways and even personally I haven’t been as consistent as I wanted to, and I think delivering that type of content consistently is very well. And when I started the met minute video, it was about two years ago, it wasn’t in my head, but I was at a client, a site visit, a vendor visit about in May 2019, and they talked about how the video was just consistent.

Matt Lozar: And I think if you have a consistent content plan, which is something we’ve said a lot on InSights for your own staffing agency, it’s, my takeaway is Monday morning a Monday motivation texts quote, Tuesday maybe have a video, Wednesday promote this InSights, Thursday maybe have a really good thought and then just let it go. Because as Brad said, it’s similar to the content on your site. If you produce four blogs a month, all 48 blogs aren’t going to be hits.

Matt Lozar: So you increase that lottery ticket chance to get that unicorn-ish type of content, and maybe it’s something I shared that talked about kids sharing at a hockey practice or Todd Lewandowski or our podcast partner here had a picture of me and him from Halloween that had like 1,500 views on LinkedIn.

Matt Lozar: And LinkedIn organic traffic is very good right now. So it’s staying in the course, being consistent, seeing what works and just the really good content that you talked about that wins at the end of the day.

Brad Bialy: Yeah, and I think that’s a great way to wrap up this segment, Matt, is what content format is working best on LinkedIn? It really comes back to consistency. It comes back to being human on LinkedIn, adding value to your network, adding value to your connections. There is no marketing silver bullet, believe it or not. There is no silver bullet when it comes to content. We can’t tell you right now you need to double down on X because it will have a substantial increase in what you’re doing. Because if we tell you that and the algorithm shifts, we’re outdated in a week.

Brad Bialy: What we’re telling you here is that you should experiment with different forms of content and you should create that content strategy. That involves posting pictures, video, those link posts, those thought-provoking Monday motivation, sprinkle in everything, find what works best for you, but among everything stay consistent with your schedule.

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