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Video Marketing: New Tech That’s Great for Staffing SEO, Job Applications, Branding and More

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Is your staffing firm using video in your marketing? If not, you’re missing out! According to Arcane Marketing, Video is the most popular form of content and it’s growing fast. YouTube is second to only Google when it comes to search. Video is eye-catching, engaging and popular – 45% of people watch an hour or more of video on social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter every day.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is video worth?

Video for recruiting can deliver:

  • 49% faster revenue growth!
  • 150% better SEO!
  • 80% more likely to drive people to action!
  • 34% more job applies!

Staffing firms who use video marketing can:

  • Fill job orders faster and more cost-effectively
  • Set their job advertising apart from the competition
  • Keep interviews concise and consistent
  • Increase views (and response!) for job posts
  • Establish and reinforce branding
  • Stand out on social media

What can Haley Marketing video marketing for staffing firms offer your business?

  • Turn your blogs into video. You already have the content, why not repurpose it in an engaging and easy to consume format?
  • Create video job postings. Video can give potential employees a more complete and accurate impression of what the job and your company culture are like. They hear your “voice” and see what it’s really like to work with you.
  • Share video testimonials. Let prospects and applicants see firsthand the value that employers and job seekers have found in your services. What’s more powerful than seeing with their own two eyes?
  • Market existing talent. Place candidate profiles on your website so employers can view currently available talent. Video showcases candidates’ personalities and professionalism so employers can evaluate how well they would fit into the company culture.

Put video marketing for staffing to work for you!

Always on the cutting edge of marketing for staffing, Haley Marketing offers Video NOW software so you can join the technical revolution.

Video NOW offers a quick and easy way to add low-cost, on-demand, branded video to your marketing. It’s ideal for testimonials, hot job promos, skill marketing, branding and more.

In just moments and with a couple of clicks, you can create and share a brief video that will grab attention and drive action.

Ready to get started with video marketing?

For more video marketing ideas for staffing and recruitment agencies, check out our previous post, How to Add Video to Your Marketing Mix or review our Video for Recruiting services. Contact a video marketing expert at Haley Marketing or call 1.888.696.2900 today.

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