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Pandemic Emails: What You Actually Need to Send

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You have no doubt been inundated with emails since COVID-19 broke out. Updates from every company you have ever given an email address to or made a purchase from.

Are these emails helpful? Are you engrossed in the content, or are you unsubscribing and breathing a sigh of relief for “one less thing.”

Sending an email right now can be incredibly beneficial to your clients, candidates, and your general audience. But only if you’re sending the right thing.

So, what is the right type of email to send during a pandemic?

  • Company Updates: Are you now scheduling interviews via skype? Changing office hours? Ways you are addressing COVID-19 are important pieces of information to send your readers.
  • Useful Information: Do you have A-list candidates who would normally be unavailable? New jobs that are safe or remote? Can you help place employees laid off from their jobs because of the pandemic? You should be emailing about those to the appropriate audience.
  • Helpful Tips: Have a great article or blog about video interviewing, managing a team remotely, or leading during a crisis? Send that. Do it now, if you haven’t already.
  • What Comes Next: As some states dip a toe into reopening, workplaces will need to get back up to speed. If they’ve let employees go, staffing can help fill those workplace gaps. Keep abreast of your state’s laws, and offer to lend a hand to businesses and candidates in your database.

There is a right way to send email during a pandemic…

…and you don’t need to include the opening “uncharted waters” or “uncertain times” – we all know this is a new age.

If you need help creating a content and email campaign that helps your audience, and doesn’t land you in the “junk” folder, chat with the experts at Haley Marketing Group today. We have COVID-19 content and email strategies to help you stand out, stay top-of-mind and sell more – even now!

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