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How Can I Increase My Company’s Followers on LinkedIn – For Free?

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Like other social sites, LinkedIn rewards activity on your page with more opportunities for attention.

If you’re looking to increase the number of followers on your company’s page, you should

  • post to the page regularly by sharing original content that gives value to your audience,
  • get your company’s employees to like, and
  • share the content to expand the reach of the posts.

This inevitably showcases your company’s LinkedIn page to more people, increasing the odds of more people following your page.

Let’s dig into why these three items matter, and how to implement them strategically

3 Step Process To Build Followers For Your Company on LinkedIn

Step #1: Post Content Regularly

This may seem simple, but posting content every day is a habit. It’s like working out. You have to put a plan and resources in place beforehand so that your workouts stay regular.

I suggest the following:

-Set Up A Schedule for What you are going to share

-Get into a Rythm.

-Use a tool like Buffer or NetSocial to schedule content out at least a week in advance, so that you don’t have to do it every day. This keeps you on a rhythm that’s predictable and manageable.

Step #2: Share Original Content That Your Audience Is Interested In

You’ve seen it before. A single quote or post that had a bunch of likes and shares on it. Maybe it was inspiring. Perhaps it was informational and timely. A post like this may even be inflammatory. While I’d not recommend posting controversial items to your company’s LinkedIn account, there is tremendous value in understanding what people want to see and interact with on this particular social media platform. As a staffing or recruiting firm, I recommend keeping posts positive or at least thoughtful. Whether they are quotes, job listings, or posts that address your value propositions on both the job seeker and client side, adding value to your followers is essential.

Step #3:  Get Your Team on Board

From anecdotal information, data-trends, and releases from LinkedIn itself, it seems like LinkedIn is moving toward a more an algorithm that rewards activity on your page. This includes posting, likes, shares, and mentions. Your team may be employees the C-suite or other stakeholders. Getting them to like, share, comment and mention your company’s page has a direct impact on follower growth. If you want to build your following, you need to get these actions on your page, and the people that you can influence to do this are the people within your company.

There are paid options that LinkedIn and other social sites offer, for growing your followers. However, if you haven’t done the above three items, you’re potentially missing out on free followers that end up being very relevant to your mission, goals, and bottom line. This content strategy does take time, but it’s very rewarding.

The Impact

The data supports this process. I’ve worked with one client over the course of 6 months and gained an additional 803 new followers by following these steps.

Another company, who has recruiter seats on LinkedIn (in all transparency) but does not pay for any ads, averaged 533 new followers EACH MONTH over the course of 12 months. On average, 5-11 people like share or comment on their posts, but because those professionals are linked up with thousands of other people, the potential reach for their content is enormous.

Still another client, with only 4 internal employees in a very niche technical space, increased their followers from just a couple hundred to over 11,000 in 3 years – for free.

How Can I  Get Started?

While these steps are far from a quick fix, the value of a content-based follower-growth strategy is firmly reinforced in the data. Just like the concept of compounding interest, time is on your side, and you only need to start with the resources you have, but it’s better if you start NOW. If you’re looking for more ways to be visible in a highly competitive market, we’d love to help. Reach out today to learn more!

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