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How to Show Your Smile – Even When Wearing a Mask

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Are face masks cramping your customer service style?

When you’re face to face with employers and job seekers, it can be tough to convey your enthusiasm, caring and positive attitude. Why? If you’re like most people, you typically rely on a hearty smile to reinforce the message you want to send. But when you’re wearing a mask, your smile is hard to see.

Notice I said “hard,” not “impossible.”

When clients and candidates can’t see your mouth, how can you serve them with a smile?

Get your eyes and voice in the game!

First, master the “smize”: smiling with your eyes. Tyra Banks, who coined the term, explains how:

But smiling with your eyes is only half the equation. In this post, I explain the importance of smiling with your voice. Research shows that customers can detect a smile in your voice – and it makes a meaningful difference in their experience.

Why is it so important to share your smile?

  • Emotional contagion. People can “catch” an attitude from you. If you use your eyes and voice to share your upbeat disposition, you can positively influence a frustrated or upset customer – without them consciously noticing it.
  • You embody your staffing agency’s culture and brand. Your behavior influences every exchange you have with customers – long after that exchange ends. If you’re not convinced, pay attention to the phone and in-person service you receive during the next few days (at the store, when scheduling an appointment over the phone, etc.). How did a service rep’s smile (or lack thereof) influence your perception of their company’s products, services or brand?
  • Smiling makes customers feel valued. An authentic smile is much more than a facial expression; it’s a state of mind. Even if you’re wearing a mask, using your eyes and voice to share your smile conveys that you like the person you’re interacting with, that you’re there to help, and that they can trust you.

Share your smile – even when you’re wearing a mask.

Whether you’re dealing with clients, candidates or coworkers, a smile is one of the most important components of effective service. And now, more than ever, it’s essential to treat customers with kindness and a positive attitude. Remind everyone in your organization – from your account managers and recruiters to your back office team – to share their smile. It’s an easy, fast and free way to instantly improve the service you deliver.

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