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Is the Staffing Industry Over-Automating Customer Service?

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CRMs. Chatbots. Websites. ATS platforms. Career portals.

The list of staffing tech tools is looooong. And getting longer by the day.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m a HUGE fan of process automation, and digital tools like these are indispensable to your staffing firm’s success. But when it comes to creating a fantastic experience for, and building a strong relationship with, an employer or job seeker, some things need a personal touch.

Customer service is no exception.

While your agency may leverage technology to:

  • make it easier for candidates to apply from any device
  • automatically send a thank-you email whenever someone completes a form on your site
  • engage prospective candidates on social media
  • allow employers to submit job orders online

…you still need to walk the fine line between over-automating customer service – and keeping the human touch in your CX.

People will always do business with people.

There’s no denying that technology can dramatically simplify aspects of your customer service. And if process automation is truly beneficial for employers and job seekers (i.e., makes it faster, easier, less expensive or more convenient for people to work with your firm), I’m not suggesting you stop doing what you’re doing. Just be careful that the technology you use:

  • works properly (nothing frustrates a customer more than self-service tech that doesn’t work properly)
  • doesn’t undermine the candidate or client experience
  • complements your brand promise (e.g., if you use “personal service” as a competitive differentiator, don’t contradict yourself by over-automating service experience)
  • is integrated with your triage process (so important issues are prioritized and routed to the correct person)
  • offers people a way to get in touch with a real person if they want to

So ask yourself: Does your technology improve CX – or erode it?

Only you can decide the right balance of tech and human support in your staffing firm’s customer service. If you need help finding it, just ask one of our marketing educators! And yes, you can choose to speak with a real person (888.696.2900) or connect digitally – whichever works better for you!)

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