Are Haley Marketing’s Websites “Cookie Cutter”?

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No way! (Although our competitors would like you to think so!)

We aim to make great marketing affordable for all staffing and recruiting firms, so we provide a full range of customization levels for every budget:

Value Sites

-Lowest-cost website option

-Ideal for startups, companies launching a new division or testing a new service, businesses with a limited budget

-Created from a templated design

-Customized with your logo, colors, and images that match your specialty

-You add your copy, or you can edit the starter copy we include for you

-Quick, easy, low cost

-No project manager nor consulting

Starter Sites

-Most popular option

-For staffing companies of any size or specialty

-Many customization options to make the site truly unique to your business

-Choose a design from our starter design library, where you can see finished site examples too

-Customize the design to match your colors, navigation, imagery, content, and the site features you want

-Wide range of options for additional features and services such as:

Custom Sites

-The only limit is your imagination!

-Starts by designing a wire frame layout of how the home page (and then a subpage) will be designed and organized

-Just like starter sites in terms of features and functionality

-Takes longer than starter sites and value sites

-1-2 rounds of edits

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