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A Simple Way to Boost Your Remote Team’s Performance

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Is your staffing firm still using a remote or hybrid workplace model?

If so, today’s post shares a simple way to boost your remote employees’ performance:

Provide frequent feedback.

Research from Gallup illustrates the importance of regular communication and feedback:

  • Most employees – even those who receive negative feedback – would prefer to receive more. Nearly half (47%) of employees report receiving feedback from their manager “a few times a year” or less, and 19% get feedback once a year or less!
  • Frequent feedback from management can cause remote workers to have higher engagement levels than their in-office counterparts.

With employee engagement proving to be an even stronger predictor of your staffing firm’s performance during tough economic times, taking steps to boost engagement is just smart business. And boosting that engagement starts with providing amazing internal customer service. It makes sense: When your team gets the communication, feedback and support they need, it creates a virtuous cycle of success. So, whether your staff is remote or back in the office, use these tips to ensure your team is motivated to give you their best.

Shareworthy service tips to boost employee engagement:

  1. Follow the golden rule. Treat your team the way you’d like to be treated! Shareworthy internal customer service starts with basics like: living up to your commitments; consistently following up; communicating clearly and respectfully; and adopting a service mindset to help coworkers accomplish their goals. Learn more about the fundamentals of great internal customer service.
  2. Practice what you preach. Understanding the basics of great internal support and communication is one thing; delivering it is quite another. In this post, you can learn practical tips for improving the customer service you provide internally. My favorite takeaway from this post? View interruptions from team members as opportunities to serve (it’s all about your mindset).
  3. Make shareworthy internal service part of your staffing firm’s culture. To ensure you consistently provide the feedback and support your staff needs: formalize internal customer service policies; train employees on internal customer service; weave the importance of internal customer service into your staffing firm’s mission; recognize and reward employees who do a great job serving fellow team members; and lead by example. This post shares more on how to ingrain exceptional internal service into your culture.

Regardless of where work is performed, employees who are part of an agency that prioritizes internal communication and feedback will be more engaged. Exert higher discretionary effort. And work harder to satisfy clients and candidates. If you haven’t reviewed your internal CX in a while, make time to revisit it – and see what you could improve.

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