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Shareworthy Service is for Internal Customers, Too (Part 3)

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She couldn’t be writing a third post about internal customer service, could she?

Well, yes, I could and I am – because internal customer service is that important!

So before you navigate away from this post (and dismiss me as mildly obsessed), ask yourself this question: Do your employees treat one another with the same care and respect they show your clients – every time? If not, make sure you read these two quick posts:

  1. Shareworthy Service is for Internal Customers, Too
  2. Shareworthy Service is for Internal Customers, Too (part 2)

…and then use these tips for delivering shareworthy service to internal customers:

  • Create formal internal customer service policies.
    What exactly does great internal customer service mean for your staffing service? Take the time to define internal customer service responsibilities. Discuss and agree on service priorities as a group, and then put your policies in writing.
  • Train employees to be great internal customers.
    Use the formal policies you create as a basis for training. Service training opens the lines of communication among departments, encourages interaction and reinforces the processes you want employees to follow. And when you devote the time to training your staff, you send the message that great internal service is a real priority – not just lip service.
  • Make great internal customer service part of your staffing firm’s mission.
    Does your existing mission statement focus exclusively on your clients and candidates? If so, consider revising it to address your employees’ needs. As with training, making exceptional internal service part of your mission statement will help to transform the concept into reality.
  • Recognize great internal customer service in action.
    If you’re smart, you let your clients and prospects know when your team has provided a client with shareworthy service (through case studies, testimonials, press releases, your company’s web site, etc.). It’s just as important to recognize employees for exceptional internal customer service. Why? Great service begets more great service – it’s that simple. So when you (or your employees) catch a team member going above and beyond internal service expectations, recognize and reward them. You’ll lift your team’s spirits and create a positive, service-oriented mindset that’s positively infectious.
  • Lead by example.
    Exceptional internal customer service has a trickle-down effect. Whether you want them to or not, your employees will follow the service examples you set in your everyday interactions with them. If you haven’t recently, take stock of how you serve your staff. How quickly do you respond to their emails? Is your door truly open to them, or do you (intentionally or unintentionally) make them feel as though they’re intruding or interrupting? Do you live up to your internal commitments?

At the end of the day, satisfied employees create satisfied clients. So foster an internal culture of mutual respect and service. The better your team members treat one another, the more shareworthy your client service will be.

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