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Finding Balance on Social Media with Practical, Useful Automation

Practical Useful Automation on Social Media
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The following transcript was taken from InSights, a staffing and recruiting podcast from Haley Marketing dedicated to providing quick-hitting takeaways on Digital Marketing and Recruitment Marketing. To listen to the episode, click play on the player above or visit the episode page [InSights] New Takes from the Top Shows of 2020


Brad Bialy: Matt, let’s wrap up as our fifth, most listened to episode this year. It was with Kristen Wakulchuk, where we talked about Real is in. Fake is out. And we talked about being human on social media.

Matt in 2021, I’m going to double down on everything we talked about in that episode. And I don’t even really have a new take right now. You need to be more human on social media in 2021, but there’s a balance. There’s a balance of finding human elements and practical, useful automation. Having social automation supplement what you’re doing on the human level is the ideal way to make sure that you’re running an effective social media strategy. It is not one or the other. This is not an or statement, this is an and statement. You need human elements and you need smart, practical automation that adds value to social users.

Matt Lozar: Kristen nailed it in the episode when she said Real is in. Fake is out. And the way you expanded it, there is spot on. How can you automate personalization? Which is an oxymoron almost, but it’s trying to figure out a way to automate that personalization of your content. And it still connects with your audience. I know we’ve talked about this before in November, and then I’ll come in April. We’re both golfers, we like the masters. The content they put out in November this year for when the tournament was in a different time of year than it normally is, was amazing. It felt personalized because it spoke to its audience and it was automated because I’m sure they scheduled out the content to be distributed, but it took a really good plan of what content to create that would connect with your audience. So as Brad said earlier, think like a fan, think like your candidates, think like your potential prospects, your new business, what content do they want to see create awesome content and automate the distribution of it with really strong messaging.

Brad Bialy: Yeah. And that’s also adding in layers of meet the team, get to know the team. Maybe if you’re in Buffalo, New York, it’s having your team submit pictures when they’re hiking around… That’s a bad take. You don’t hike around the city, but you hike around different national parks. Right? That’s what I was trying to get at Matt, have your team submit those pictures, right? Have that local element of your social media presence. It doesn’t have to just be job after job, after job, after blog, after blog, after blog have some sort of human nature. That’s what social media is for. Put the social back in social media and then have that smart automation supplement what you’re also doing. I completely lost my train of thought there, I just said, hike around the city of Buffalo.

Matt Lozar: I think what you-

Brad Bialy: What did that mean?

Matt Lozar: We’re looking for was like, do you want to build a snowman from Frozen and have a nice little snowman contest with your team and show what everyone does? That’s a little more realistic.

Brad Bialy: That’s where I was going. But then I realized we can’t be around anybody. So I was like, “Okay, now I need to pivot that. So hike around the woods.” And I was like, “Well, you can’t hike in the city.”

Matt Lozar Not unless you’ve got snowshoes.

Matt Lozar: That’s what you can do to show that content works well. And it has to be real. It can’t be just fake generic content. We see through that. And there’s a lot of content out there. There’s content overload. But the two of us firmly believe that the best content will rise to the top and people will engage with it no matter if it’s a 200-word blog post or a 20,000-word article, we’ll read it. That’s really a book probably, but we’ll consume that content, and the best content that reaches people that feels personalized will win.

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