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Scared of the “L” Word?

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Why are we so scared of using the word “love” in the business world?

(It’s a rhetorical question – I can already sense HR and compliance pros drafting their responses.)

Expressing gratitude and appreciation doesn’t make you “too soft” or “weak”; it just makes you authentic. If you value your customers (both external and internal), your company should shout it from the metaphorical rooftop!

Who should be expressing your agency’s love for its clients and candidates?

In a recent post, customer service expert Shep Hyken talks about a new executive position called a “Customer Love Officer.” Just what is a CLO, and why does your staffing firm need to add this role to your C-suite? According to Shep, a Customer Love Officer leads initiatives to:

  • express gratitude to customers (which could include clients, temp associates, current candidates, vendors and even internal employees).
  • send appreciative follow-ups, such as thank you cards. (In this post, I explain why and how to send handwritten customer “love letters.”)
  • remember and celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other important customer dates.
  • ensure others in your firm express gratitude toward customers and employees.
  • express thanks during the holiday season and at other appropriate times during the year, such as Valentine’s Day and National Staffing Employee Week. (If you need ideas, this post shares 4 simple ways to delight your staffing clients.)
  • help HR ensure the people hired fit in with the “love culture.”

Does that mean you need to hire a new C-level executive?

Absolutely not. In fact, someone on your leadership team may already be doing these things, formally or informally. The takeaways here are that your staffing firm should embrace the idea of showing customers some love, operationalize the process and assign accountability – so it’s sure to get done.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, now is the perfect time to show your staffing customers some love. What’s your company planning? I’d love to know – share your comments below.

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