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Drip and Nurture Marketing Campaigns for the Recruiter’s Toolbox

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Recruiting and marketing have a lot  in common. For example, both are defined by prospects, pipelines, and leads. When creating good job descriptions, recruiters use language and techniques drawn directly from the marketing copywriter’s playbook. And professionals in both fields rely on similar strategies to connect with their audiences, whether they’re trying to attract candidates or engage customers. Two marketing tools, in particular, can be especially effective at helping recruiters stay top of mind with their prospects: the drip campaign and the nurture campaign. 

Drip Marketing for Recruiting 

In the easier of the two to implement, a drip campaign, an automated system sends out a series of scheduled and personalized email communications to your contact databaseThrough these consistent touchpoints, a drip campaign can help you stay engaged with notquiteready candidates over a long period of time. 

The first step in implementing a drip campaign is to figure out what your top priorities are. (Do you want candidates to keep you on their radar, for example? Do you want to gain more referrals?) Once you’ve established your goals, set up an automation tool (such as HubSpot or Active Campaign) to push your content on a defined schedule. Possible topics for these communications include: 

  • requests for referralsfor specific jobs 
  • how your company has flourished over the past year 
  • interviews with current employees 
  • how your firm stands apart from your competitors as an employer 

Nurture Marketing for Recruiting 

A nurture campaign requires a bit more planning, but its high effectiveness makes the effort worthwhile. In this type of campaignyou send candidates timely, targeted (based on their behavior) communications that guide them through their job searches with your organization (or toward any other goal that you set). Each e-mail presents information specifically selected for that candidate based on your goals and on their behavior (how many times they have visited your website, what site content they’ve read, which jobs they’ve previously applied for in your organization, etc.). The goal is to deliver educational value while encouraging engagement. Because candidate actions are its triggersa nurture campaign offers more personalization than a drip campaign. 

Because it takes a lot of work to bring candidate into a company’s databasefirms should do what they can to maintain connections with them, especially if they’re someone who might turn into a hire one day. Fortunately, well-designed—and automated—communications campaigns make keeping in touch both easy and scalable.

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