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Are You Solving Problems – Or Selling Staffing?

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The point of branded content can seem simple: To help you sell your staffing and recruiting services. But if you are just shouting “WE DO STAFFING” in everyone’s faces, you are not going to get the results you’re looking for.

Is There a Better Way?

Yes! Instead of telling your audience only what you do, share how it helps them and how using your services can solve their problems.

What Should You Focus On?

  • Differentiators
    What makes your business, service, or people better? Do you fill open jobs faster, have a deeper talent pool, or work with better clients? Tell people that information!
  • Value Proposition
    A value proposition lets your potential clients and candidates know why exactly they should work with you, and shares the specific benefits of your business. A good value proposition is specific, and would take a statement like:
    “We place better candidates.”
    and turn it to:
    “We place Illinois’s best-tested employees in half the time.”
  • Their Problems
    Listen to your clients, ask them what their biggest problems are. Turnover, no-shows, diversity, remote hiring? Find ways you can solve their problems, and communicate your solutions directly through your own branded content.
  • Why You?
    What exactly about your company sets you apart and ahead of the competition. What secret ingredient do you have that make YOU the right staffing partner for a potential client? Find out, and share it! People want to work with companies that are special. (A word of warning, if your “secret ingredient” can be reworded as the same “secret ingredient” all your competitors have, it is not enough!)

Want to know more about how to better sell your services through branded content? Contact the marketing experts at Haley Marketing Group today!



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