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Reconnecting with Customers: Why Does It Matter Now?

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Happy “Get to Know Your Customer Day”!

Okay, it’s a made-up holiday (invented by customer service and experience expert Shep Hyken), but it’s one of my favorite. And in fact, it’s one we’ve been celebrating all quarter long here at Haley Marketing! We kicked off 2021 by reaching out via phone and email to all of our customers to:

  • touch base and say “hello”
  • find out what is going on with their staffing/recruiting business
  • understand their key challenges and goals
  • identify opportunities for improving the service and solutions we provide
  • make sure we are doing everything possible to exceed their expectations

Was it a big effort? Yep. Was it a challenge for some of our staff (particularly introverts and newer employees)? Absolutely. But everyone participated in this campaign – our leadership, back office, marketing education, creative, project management, digital marketing and tech teams – because as an organization, we know that staying in touch with customers is good business.

Here’s why reconnecting with customers is essential right now:

  • So much has changed. The pandemic has transformed the world of work: the “hows,” the “whys,” the “whats” and the “wheres.” It’s important to understand what’s changed with your clients’ businesses, so you can adapt the solutions you provide. Likewise, you need to understand what your associates’ and candidates’ needs and priorities are right now, so you can connect them with the right opportunities.
  • We learn by talking to people. There’s simply no substitute for the quality of information and education you get from interacting directly with customers.
  • We’ve been disconnected for so long. Lockdowns and quarantines have kept us apart physically, and that distance has understandably eroded business relationships. Reaching out to your clients and candidates reestablishes the human connections we all crave – and is vital to nurturing relationships.
  • Reconnecting is the antidote to customer attrition. As I mentioned in this earlier post, genuine caring gives you a real advantage over your competitors. In fact, research shows that over 2/3 of lost business is due to a supplier’s indifference! Never mistake silence for satisfaction; check in with your customers regularly to show you care, identify new opportunities and make sure you’re not at risk of losing a great staffing client.

Want to celebrate “Get to Know Your Customer Day”?

While GTKYCD officially falls on the third Thursday of each quarter, you can celebrate it all year long. Here are a few tips for successfully reconnecting with customers any time of year:

  • Explain the “why” to your team. Make sure everyone understands your reasons and goals.
  • Focus on gathering information and feedback. Reconnection calls should never be salesy, and you should explain to customers that you’re simply calling to check in.
  • Provide sample call flowcharts and email copy. While account managers and recruiters may feel quite comfortable conversing with customers, it’s important to provide consistent messaging for everyone who participates in your campaign.
  • Pair more experienced/extroverted team members with newer/more introverted team members who may be reticent to get on the phone.
  • Use it as a teambuilder. Host a call blitz where the team works together to make calls in a 30 minute window. Then get back together to share what was learned.
  • Make it fun. We created a series of contests and prizes to keep our team motivated to reach our goal of connecting with every customer.

If you’d like to know more about how to conduct a customer reconnection campaign, call me at 888.696.2900 or drop me a line.

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