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Could Your Best Employees Be Sabotaging Customer Service?

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Wait. How can great staffing employees deliver bad customer service?

Honestly, it happens more often than you might think. Here are three things that can undermine great employees’ service delivery, and five ways your staffing firm can reignite your team’s passion for delivering shareworthy service:

Reason 1: The culture becomes toxic.

Over time, a staffing firm’s culture can change – for the better or the worse. Creating a true service culture isn’t a one-and-done event; it’s an ongoing process. And left unchecked, a single toxic employee can sabotage your efforts.

So ask yourself: Do your team members support one another’s service excellence?

If a good employee is applauded for delivering amazing service, they’ll keep aiming high. But if they fear being ridiculed by others for going above and beyond (“Oh, look at miss overachiever, making us all look bad”), they may start doing the bare minimum to avoid notice.

Reason 2: Bad management.

Bosses can have an even bigger impact than coworkers on a staffing employee’s service mindset and delivery. A great manager will live your core values and train their staff to do the same. A bad one will take shortcuts. Model bad service behavior. And may even feel threatened by a direct report who provides stellar service.

Ask yourself: Are your supervisors and managers leading by example with respect to customer service?

Reason 3: Broken processes.

Great policies and processes form the backbone of any successful staffing agency. But inflexible systems or chronically broken processes can prevent even the best employee from delivering shareworthy service. Without the tools, resources and authority to solve customers’ problems, great team members can quickly become frustrated and demoralized – and guess who might be on the receiving end of those emotions?

Ask yourself: Do your firm’s policies and systems truly empower your staff to deliver shareworthy service – or leave them feeling handcuffed?

How to reignite your team’s passion for customer service excellence.

Need to press the reset button on your service culture? In this post, I explain the following 5 ways to create better customer experiences:

  1. Evaluate your customer service tools.
  2. Reinvigorate your employee recognition efforts.
  3. Manage your staff’s workload.
  4. Set service goals and track your efforts.
  5. Get the whole team involved.

Have a tip for improving customer service?

At Haley Marketing, providing shareworthy service is more than a goal; it’s one of our core values. If you have a customer service tip that works well for your staffing firm, please share it below!

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