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Reignite Your Team’s Passion for Customer Service Excellence

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We made it through another winter!

Spring is in the air, the earth is renewing itself once again, and it’s time to start that annual ritual of seasonal cleaning.

But “spring cleaning” isn’t just for windows and floors; it’s for customer service, too. In fact, periodically reevaluating the way your staffing firm approaches and delivers service can help you:

  • better align your culture with your processes
  • identify new opportunities for improvement
  • renew your team’s passion for creating shareworthy service experiences

Ready to “dust off” your customer service?

Here are 5 fresh ideas to spruce things up this spring – and deliver even better CX the whole year through:

  1. Evaluate your customer service tools. In today’s digital workplace, truly exceptional service is only possible with modern systems and technologies. Make sure your team has a rock-solid CRM and ATS to: manage client, associate and job seeker data; communicate in real-time; easily share information; and facilitate and document interactions. When your staff has the right tech to serve customers, they’re more efficient and motivated to do an amazing job.
  2. Reinvigorate your employee recognition. How do you reward your team for the outstanding service they deliver? If you don’t have a formal recognition program in place, spring is a great time to institute one. In this post, I share three simple ways to reward and recognize people for delivering shareworthy service.
  3. Manage your staff’s workload. This is advice you undoubtedly give to your clients, but it’s equally important for your agency – especially when it comes to customer service. Even the most motivated staffing professionals with access to the right tools will fall short on service delivery if they’re chronically overworked.
  4. Set goals and track your efforts. With so many other KPIs to measure, do you really need to measure customer service success? Absolutely. In this post, I explain why setting clear goals and tracking your progress in areas like customer retention and service satisfaction is critical – and I share 3 customer service metrics staffing firms should track.
  5. Get everyone involved. Customer service shouldn’t be a “department” in your agency; everyone from the receptionist through the CEO should be involved. Here’s how an “all-hands” customer support model can improve everyone’s commitment to delivering amazing CX.

How do you keep your team motivated to provide great service?

At Haley Marketing, providing shareworthy service is more than goal, it’s one of our core values. If you have a customer service tip that works well for your staffing firm, please share it below!

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