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Do You Have to Be Born with It?

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Can you cultivate a passion for customer service?

Or do you have to be born with it?

Some claim a knack for service “in your DNA,” but I think it’s possible – and really important, actually – to grow your team’s passion for, and skill in, customer service.

Without a passion for service, your clients’ and candidates’ experiences with your firm are emotionless. Transactional. And decidedly un-shareworthy. In a service-driven industry like ours, growing your team’s passion for providing shareworthy service is a critical differentiator that will set you head-and-shoulders above your competitors.

How can you stoke the fire?

Some people are natural people-pleasers; they’re intrinsically motivated to consistently deliver amazing service. Others need to learn new skills and develop better service habits. But whether they deal directly with clients and candidates, or have a purely internal role, every team member provides service to some type of customers (remember, fellow employees are customers, too!).

Here’s how to build a passion for service in every employee:

Start by treating your own team well.

You set the tone for a service culture, and your team will follow your example. If you’re a patient, active listener who’s focused on developing solutions, your staff will model that great behavior.

Remove obstacles to success.

Make sure your employees have the resources, training and authority to deliver great service. If you need help, I’ve written over 150 post on virtually every aspect of customer service for staffing and recruiting firms. If you do nothing else, encourage your employees to read my blog. I write it just for you and your team! And if there’s ever a topic you’d like me to explore in a post, just ask.

Focus on developing people who are “naturals.”

Who on your team:

  • Is compassionate and empathetic?
  • Intuitively knows how to defuse tension and frustration?
  • Is great at making meaningful and personal connections?
  • Enjoys solving other people’s problems?

These are the people who have customer service in their DNA. They make great candidates for service roles of all kinds, and they can be powerful allies in spreading a passion for service throughout your organization. Help them hone their service skills. Then, appoint them as service ambassadors: people who strengthen your service culture by helping their peers improve their service skills.

Reward and recognize people for delivering shareworthy service.

Passion is contagious. When someone on the team goes above and beyond for a customer (internal or external), celebrate it!

  • Review customer service “wins” in weekly and monthly meetings.
  • Set up a communication channel specifically for recognizing employees who create great customer experiences.
  • Create quarterly and annual awards for people who live out your firm’s customer service mission.

At Haley Marketing, we’re passionate about service and always looking for ways to improve. If you have a suggestion for how we could make our service even more shareworthy, please let me know.

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